Changing Direction

To be more 'me', I'm going to change my direction...


This isn't me:

Wow, this definitely isn't me: (I've always hated photographs of my hands AND what am I wearing in the left one)

Even these, some of my fondest pictures, aren't me:

Alice is in every one of them. Specifically Alice from 'The Rose Glow'. It's no surprise that my 'brand' may cohabit with my own alter-ego, but good-grief these just aren't what I truly stand for, what I thrive on, what makes me thrilled. The brand that I've created doesn't always perfectly represent 'me'. It represents the industry that The Rose Glow sits in - that of beauty, chicness, elegancy and style whereas realistically my life doesn't really revolve around any of those. 

The real 'me' is like the girl in the first image. Bobble hat, old jacket and goofy smile.

This post is a brain dump. For those wanting a quick read, I've put the 'best bits' in bold.

Behind The Rose Glow, I'm a keen hiker, a budding naturalist and amateur mycologist. I like to paint birthday cards for my family, I really enjoy cooking, and, most shockingly, I don't really watch Netflix (unless there's a new season of Drag Race). 

I also can't pull off 'fashion' nor do I care much about it. Heavens, if I was offered a free years supply of crop tops and ripped jeans I'd turn them down and I STILL don't understand how these girls wear dresses with bare legs IN THE WINTER?! 

This year I even bought a pair of Mom jeans but actually ended up tapering them on my sewing machine. I did not jump on the tiny tied cardi trend, and I'm CERTAINLY not rocking the knitted vest this winter. I'm throwing on a turtle neck, my 5-year-old jeans, and a thermal, Marmot coat, and heading into any nearby forest.

And some may argue that that IS represented in my content (talking specifically about Instagram). These days you don't see me really trying to follow the trends all that much - I wear what makes me feel comfortable and happy, but there's a large section of my wardrobe that makes me feel just as comfy, but would never get as much exposure as some. My walking boots, for instance. Probably my most worn shoes of 2020 but yet the ones that wouldn't configure with this 'influencer' industry standard. If the 'Influencer' Gods had their way, I'd be wearing Vejas on my hikes.  

As I mentioned above, though, the top that didn't fit, the white dress that wasn't allowed anywhere near food (specifically Italian or Indian food) and the white trainers now stained like a bad tooth all contrast the the muddy boots, the scuffed jacket, and the threadbare gloves that I probably wear more regularly. I'm not showing a huge part of what I live by and, at this point, it's holding me back.

What if I could release so much more creativity, have so much more passion and thrill if I was to just to start dripping in a few more aspects of 'me' into my content and freely change my style?

Would I lose followers? Most likely, some people aren't here for that side of me. They may prefer the more 'mainstream' alter-ego. 

Would I gain a niche? Hopefully, and if not, who cares. My niche is me.

Would I come across boring? Well, how can my individuality be boring? If I can name around 100 species of fungus or identify a bird by the flash of its wing, doesn't that make me more interesting? 

I'm tired of following the crowd to make other people happy. I want to be me because THAT is what makes me interesting, unique, different. I'm not going to obsess over how stylish I am for the 'gram - you are going to start seeing the mismatch PJs, the no-makeup face, and the same t-shirt in 4 different colours (because it's comfy and warm). 

And to address the elephant in the room, YES I do now have a separate Instagram account for my wildlife imagery and my fungus fangirling, so why wouldn't I just put my more 'adventure based' and less 'aesthetic' personality over there? 

The answer simply comes down to how my personality does vary. I do love the colour pink, an aesthetic brunch date, and a few beauty products here and there. In fact, I don't plan on letting The Rose Glow go AT ALL (I mean I only just renewed my domain 2 months ago... I need to get my money worth). 

I'm probably MORE likely to gain a new theme and/or aesthetic but this time, it's hopefully going to start and differ from the conventions. I edit my photos with vigour and curate my feed, but the posts will contain my true style. None of this fa-shun from me, I'm afraid, and maybe most excitingly, a few less pictures of my face. I'll want to drop the ambiguous 'lifestyle blogger' and become 'Alice blogger'.

In terms of the content that I'd like to produce in the future...

I've been feeling inspired by some other creators, such as:

As well as a bunch of ideas found on Pinterest:

So maybe this is it; the start of something new. Or maybe this an idea to leave open in my mind for a while. Either way, I'm glad to feel a new sense of direction with my content right now.

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  1. I absolutely loved this post gal and can relate to a lot of what you've said. I love that you're taking it in a more personal direction, something that you really enjoy. I think I want to do more of this as well because I struggle with fashion content, as much as I enjoy it; I don't think it's me. Given me such food for thought!

    Lucy | Forever September