4 Summer Beauty Products I'm Taking into Autumn/Winter


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This summer I have been enjoying glowy makeup - not just a bit of highlighter and a dewy foundation, though. This summer, I've been trying different products, some that I've never had the confidence to try before, as well as lashing on some old favourites. 

With a handful of cosmetics, I've been achieving the freshest, softest and most wearable look every day. I am so pleased with how delightful it makes me feel, so much so, I'd like to keep it going... I'm officially declaring this 'Summer Makeup Look' an 'All-year-round Look'. 

The Body Shop - Honey Bronze
After applying my favourite medium coverage, SPF foundation, I'm onto warming my skin up. No matter what season it is, I will never be shy with bronzer. As long as you have the right shade for you, a bronzer will work wonders and complement your natural features. This particular bronzer is one I've had a while and I continue to go back and love it every time. 

Nars - Hot Fix Cheek Pallet 
[ PR Product ] This cheek palette was gifted to me at the start of summer and HAS NOT left my side ever since. Now, take this from someone who was scared to use blush out of fear of looking like Winifred Sanderson. These days, I have come to realise that a gentle touch of blush will go a long way, making me look more alive and rosy. 
When watching Drag Race's Gigi Goode perform a makeup tutorial, it helped me understand just how adorable the tiniest addition of blush can be and the impact it can have on a makeup look. 
I do have naturally rosy cheeks, so I've found that using the more peach tone, 'Dream Place', over my foundation, makes sure to counteract what's underneath.

Nars - Orgasm Oil Infused Lip-Tint
[ PR Product ] The infamous Nars Orgasm range just reached a new peak (sorry about that pun) with its new oil-infused lip tint. This sheer baby pink has tiny gold shimmer, making it super shiny and extremely elegant. This is another product which I just haven't been able to put down. Despite just treating myself to a lip oil at the start of the year, that one has been moved along the table and well and truly replaced. 
The lip-oil market has been visibly increasing over the past few years, with a lot of people preferring these over lip-balm. I have to say, I think I'm one of them. The oil formula tends to have a less 'addictive' feel - by the time the product has soaked into your skin, you aren't back at square one with dry lips. You also don't get the tackiness of a lipgloss either; it seems to meet in the middle and ideal for all seasons.
Whether or not this Orgasm shade acts as a lip tint, I'm not sure. The shade is far too light or near my existing skin tone for me to tell if there's any kind of persistent 'tint' - I more so wear this for the shine, the moisture and the general glam feel.

Guerlain - Aqua Allegoria, Ginger Picante
It's a rare occasion that I buy a new perfume. I'm usually a sucker for my all-time favourites from Penhaligons, BUT a wonderful family member brought my attention to the Guerlain Aqua Allegoria fragrances. This beautifully fresh and youthful collection of fragrances captures the smells of summer perfectly. I opted for a fragrance which I thought was quite unique and could easily carry me from summer to winter. 
Ginger Picante consists of Ginger, Bergamot, and Rose. The latter are two of my favourite notes in a fragrance, but the ginger component takes me back to the Origins Ginger Essence Fragrance (a smell nostalgic of my childhood) and still feels completely different to other, more popular fragrances on the market. 
The floral aspects of the rose and bergamot freshen this fragrance up, meaning it's a perfect addition to a summer look. The spicy ginger, however, I'm sure will not shy away in the winter, providing a sophisticated, warm and welcoming scent on my warm wool coat. 

Which beauty products will you be using as we enter the colder seasons?

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