The Top 5 Moments of My Summer 2020

Girl sat in flower field at sun rise

The year 2020 has been a funny one. Some claim the summer months have been a 'total write off' since we spent a lot of it in quarantine. For me, as soon as we were allowed to travel a bit more with our household, the summer began. Over the months, despite having restrictions here and there, I have had some pretty awesome times. From small moments, planned days out, and a little bit of sunshine, all in all, the summer has served me well and I definitely wouldn't write it off. As September comes to an end and we officially enter Autumn, it's time to look back and reflect on summer...

Here are my top 5 moments of summer 2020!

 5.  Early Mornings

I've always been an early bird but this summer we took it to a new extreme. Waking up at 6am and getting out to enjoy the first glimpses of the summer sun. Whether that was a simple walk down to the Newcastle Quayside via Ousebourne, or further afield to shoot some Golden Hour shots. These moments made it to me top 5 because of how magical that time of morning is - so peaceful and a great opportunity to experience your local area from a different perspective. A good handful of my summer Instagram content was shot at morning golden hour in different locations across the North East. Below is just a handful of examples:


 4. Strawberry Picking

If you saw THIS blog post, you'll know that I finally had the chance to go strawberry picking this summer. PYO fruit farms are completely nostalgic to me, my grandparents would take us to the local farm to collect strawberries and we made wonderful memories doing so. Now, living in Newcastle as a Uni Student, I decided it was about time I relived those memories with a bit of strawberry picking at Brocksbushes Farm

3. Content Creating
Since I had the time on my hands and a bursting brain of creativity, I have basked in the world of content creation this summer. Parts of it included a full month of daily Instagram posting, some exciting ADs with Kula Bags and Boots, finally surpassing 2k followers (and more!), and the introduction of #Glowoutdoors!

Ultimately, I have grown so much confidence online. While August saw a little bit of a dip in inspiration and engagement, I continued to remind myself of those achievements listed above. Little wins are still wins!

2. Walking in Nature
We all know that I'm a sucker for a long walk in nature. Sometimes this means hiking up hills, sometimes just a stroll through a scenic part of the city, either way, being out in nature and fresh air has been a saviour for me during this odd summer.

One of my favourite walks this summer was our trip to Kielder Water and Hareshaw Linn - it was a long day with ups and downs, but it was a huge triumph by the end. Other fantastic walks on our list include the circular Malham Cove Walk, Chopwell Woods, and Shincliffe/Durham

1. Camping in Kettlewell
First place goes to one of my most recent adventures, our camping trip in the Yorkshire Dales. Since we had to cancel our summer holiday in July and aren't in the position to go abroad this year, we decided to take a little holiday to a lovely village called Kettlewell. I'd never been camping before and we were forecast thundery showers for our whole stay so I was very nervous about the trip BUT, we ended up with lovely weather and a fantastic tent/campsite meaning we couldn't have had a better experience. Don't forget to read my full blog post about the whole trip HERE!

What has been your favourite moment of Summer 2020?


  1. This was a lovely read and I'm so glad you had a great Summer! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  2. Loved reading this little look back on your summer! Your golden hour photos are so gorgeous. You look amazing! I hope you have a good rest of the year xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.co.uk