AD | 3 Ways I’m Boosting My Confidence When I’m Stuck At Home

girl self tanning her legs

This post is an advertisement feature with Boots UK but all thoughts are my own.

It’s easy to fall into a bit of a slump when we’re spending a lot of time at home and this can have an effect on our confidence. Lately, I’ve been working hard to not let my confidence slip. This, however, doesn’t always require anything over the top; for me, it has simply relied on some little moments of self-care (and self-love) which have allowed me to feel a greater sense of achievement and self-confidence. 

If you’re still working from home or just looking for a little confidence boost on a weekend, come and join me in using these 3 confidence-boosting hacks.


Whether I’m taking 10 extra minutes in the bath or applying my new favourite Fake Tan, there’s always room for a bit of self-care in my routine. Allowing myself these added moments to look after my appearance has been allowing me to feel good during these uncertain times since it allows me to nurture my mental and physical health. Even if I have nowhere to go, I can still confidently glow in my favourite pair of PJs.

If I’m choosing Fake Tan for Face or a Speedy Shower Shave, Boots has always got me covered. Even the little things like adding some bubbles to the bath, choosing a new shower gel, spritzing a new body spray, or giving exfoliating a go can all add to this ‘feel good’ sensation. Once I begin to look after my self, from the inside out, I definitely begin to notice more confidence. 

Lately, I’ve been trying to look after my skin and my hair, specifically. Since lockdown left us all needing sheering like sheep, I decided to make the most of my long hair by styling it every day. I find that making that little extra effort to use the straighteners or the curling wand is my favourite way to stay motivated. Similarly, I’ve been setting aside some time every week to treat my skin to a bit of self tan. I feel there is no better feeling than waking up on a morning, peering down at my arms and legs, and noticing how well my tan has developed overnight. 

Having a regular pamper has definitely allowed me to maintain confidence lately; from prancing around the flat in my short-shorts to show off my tanned legs, and filling up my photo album with selfies - the pampering is 100% boosting my confidence.


Just looking through the ‘Cooking’ Instagram highlight on my page gives a tiny glimpse at what I get up to in the kitchen. I love cooking! To me, it is a fantastic source of achievement (if it goes right, that is). 

Since I’ve been cooking complex dishes more regularly for the past few years, I’m also starting to  learn the general tricks-of-the-trade in the kitchen - things like secret ingredients and flavour pairings. I’m at the point now where friends are asking me for recipes - from my perfect pancakes to warming soups, the recipes that I create off the top of my head are now being passed on, like my own little legacy.

Having this sense of achievement and the freedom to work on a project in the kitchen is a fantastic way for boosting confidence. And, of course, practice makes perfect.

D R E S S I N G   U P

At the start of lockdown, I was well and truly a pyjama hogger. Since my days were spent sitting at a desk, there was no real reason to change out of my loungewear joggers and it was a miracle if I brushed my hair. As the novelty of ‘staying in’ wore away, I began to crave that feeling of normality and have found that missing piece is easily filled with a little dressing up.

Okay, so I’m still wearing my trusty, comfy culottes most days, but at least they provide my look with a bit more of a put-together feel and give me some chic vibes. Put it this way, I wouldn’t be embarrassed to leave the house in this look. I usually pair them with a simple black t-shirt and sometimes, if I’m feeling completely wild, I’ll even do my makeup.

As Lana Del Rey once sang: ‘You get ready, you get all dressed up, To go nowhere in particular’ little did she know this would become my lockdown slogan. No matter what you’re doing, maybe pottering around the garden or taking a conference call, throwing on that new blouse or some swishy trousers can improve your mood and boost confidence for the rest of the day - it has definitely been doing the trick with me!


By looking after yourself from the inside out, perhaps through delicious food, therapeutic baking, strategic fashion styling, or pampering with your favourite Fake Tan, you are achieving the best achievement of all: self-care. A little self-care goes a long way and always contributes a boost in confidence. 

How are you boosting your confidence lately?


  1. I love a good confidence boosting tan - I've been loving adding a couple of Isle of Paradise drops into my moisturiser for an easy summer glow (without the sun)!


    1. I think Isle of Paradise are my favourites - always looks so glowy!

  2. Yes I love this post! Getting ready for the day ahead has really helped the past few months even if we aren't even going anywhere. It really does help to set you up for the day xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.co.uk