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Durable Paper, Vegan Material Bag

This blog post is an advertisement feature with Kula Bags but all thoughts are my own. 

Sustainable Gift Guide for Everyone - Under £10

Whoever you're gifting, whatever the occasion, you can now be more equipped to splash that little bit more on a treat. My previous post kept the budget below £10, but now I'm ready to showcase some brilliant items above the £10 mark which would make wonderful gifts for anyone in your life. I've kept everything under £30 too, to keep a reasonable budget.

For the Style Seeker...
Kula Bags are unique, affordable and sustainable bags made from excellent vegan material. The material is a durable, washable paper. Yes, you read that right, paper that can be popped in the washing machine! I luckily got to try out the Whitworth Backpack which is a lovely small bag, ideal for days around the city or popping into Uni, with around 6 pockets, inside and out. 

The neutral colour spans across their whole collection and will complement any outfit, no matter what season it is. Vegan Society and Peta approved, with no plastic packaging on delivery, this bag is perfect for anyone looking for a sustainable addition to their bag collection.

At £29, the bag is more than reasonably priced for a gift that is going to last a long time, and have a more positive impact on the environment.

For the Tech Lover...
There are two types of people in the world: those who always have a cracked phone screen and a phone case torn to pieces, and those who have every possible accessory for their phone. Either way, the Pela  Phone case will fit perfectly in their life. Made with 100% compostable material, this case is designed to be flexible for your phone and the environment. 

 backpack being worn on girl's back   

girl standing on gate with Kula backpack

For the one close to your heart... 
When you're looking for something incredibly special and thoughtful, it has to be the Recycled Inglot necklace from A Typical Thing. You can add any personalised initials or numbers to this recycled sterling silver pendant which is made by hand, each unique, and packaged in biodegradable gift packaging. This one is definitely on my (very early) Christmas list!

For the BYO foodies...
For a great value price of £13.99, Huski sells the extraordinary Multi-compartment lunch box, made out of recycled rice husks. If improperly treated, rice husks can be a biohazard so Huski has turned the problem around and created this sustainable material, free from toxic chemicals. If you have a friend who likes to take their lunch to work, school, or on their weekend hikes - this is perfect for them!

For the PPE peeps...
In a world changed by a pandemic, face coverings are potentially a new way of life. If you have a friend who is a little tired of those blue paper masks, it may be time to pimp their PPE with Maask. For every order, Maask donates 2 medical-grade respirators to frontline workers as well as working to clean up ocean litter. The coverings are made entirely out of recycled ocean plastic and the filters inside can last up to 69 hours or 1 month. 

Don't forget to wrap your gifts in a sustainable way too.
Check out my blog post for sustainable gift wrapping ideas.


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