Introducing... #GlowOutdoors

Brown haired girl in long grass wearing a white mid length dress

It was only going to be a matter of time before I created my own Instagram Hashtag community, I was just waiting for that burst of inspiration to come along and reveal something like this that was so apt and representative of what The Rose Glow really stands for.

As you may know, Instagram Hashtag Communities are a place for you and your followers to input creative posts based around your values and subsequently help each other grow and discover new feeds. Some of my favourites to use are #fiandfriends, #cheerfullylive and #smallblogsociety (to name just a few) since they are typically filled with content of similar niches and themes to my own. I find them useful for concentrating my content into the kind of hashtags where my target audience is going to be, thus boosting engagement. 

Of course, being called a 'community' really represents the true nature of these hashtags. They're typically a great place to genuinely and organically support one another and ultimately reflect the values you stand for. #Smallblogsociety, for example, was created by Hannah for the purpose of spreading the love for small creators and appreciating those who may not always have the biggest following but most definitely have wonderful content. As a 'small' blogger herself, Hannah is using this hashtag to represent herself as someone who wants to embrace the smaller creators. It's this kind of self-representation that I am hoping to achieve with my new hashtag.


From the get-go, my Instagram has always embraced the outdoors. Since a child, I've interested in the wildlife, the nature, and the general benefits of being outdoors, and this didn't fail to be reflected on my Instagram feed. Whether it was posting pictures of pretty gardens, the wildlife I've encountered, or a fashion photoshoot in an early morning field, it's always been in the effort to embrace what I truly love.
Brown haired girl in long grass wearing a white mid length dress

Embracing my own interests and niche is something that, throughout life, I've had to train myself to do. During early school years, I always tried to train myself to be more 'cool' and, even today, I worry about not wanting to do 'cool things' like go clubbing or what my friends might think when I fangirl over finding a rare mushroom in the woods. As I grow older, embracing my interests has been and always will be my biggest challenge as well as my biggest achievement. Of course, it's easier said than done to stop caring what others think but, at the end of the day, we're only on this earth for a short time so we must do what we love.

In honor of my love for the outdoors, I'm creating the hashtag #GlowOutdoors (a bit of wordplay was inevitable). This new hashtag is my own little Instagram Hashtag Community in which I'll encourage others to spread their love for the outdoors too. 

Whether you're shooting your latest fashion buys at the local park, enjoying a picnic in the woods, or just capturing the skyline at dusk, anything is welcome and everything is appreciated

So go ahead, use the hashtag!


  1. Absolutely love the new hashtag - can't wait to use it!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. Firstly- I think you underestimate how cool it is to not only know what a rare mushroom is and also that you are able to identify one! I have been of a few great hikes recently and the landscapes were incredible and I was so grateful to have my friend there who seems to know every plant species that exists, as well as a fun fact about them! Secondly, these photos are gorgeous as are you, look at how your skin is absolutetly glooooowing! absolutley beautiful!!x