Where I Ate in January, February & March

Did somebody order another 3 months of Newcastle food adventures? Get ready for a tour of the tables I was gobbling at throughout January, February and March.


05-01-20 - Heaton Perk, Newcastle
Meeting up with an old friend, she chose Heaton Perk as the spot for Brunch. I'd never visited before despite it being pretty close to me and was already becoming fond of the area. We went on a Sunday morning yet it was super quiet (but it was the start of January, so it's expected). I ordered classic scrambled eggs on toast with added extras: streaky bacon and beans - like a low-key fry up. It was all really nice; a little bit dry perhaps, but that's maybe because I'm used to cooking my own scrambled eggs a bit under, for the added moisture. Next time, I'd ask the chef to knock a few minutes off on the scrambling.

21-01-20 - Dispensary Coffee House, Newcastle Centre
Okay, so '2019 me' would have fangirled so much over a visit to one of the most notorious pancake and coffee joints in town, but since my last visit, I'm a little disheartened. Don't get me wrong, the place itself and the service within is brilliant. The flavours and prices are fairly reasonable, but the issue is with the pancakes. They are delicious... until you've eaten 3 bites of chocolate, syrup and candy covered fluff and you're teeth ache, stomach hates you, and your wallet is asking 'why?'. I reckon the only person on who'd be able to even put a dent in their arguably over-ambitious stacks would be Buddy the Elf. It does nothing other than draw my attention to the amount of waste that they are producing - I will sing on the day they release normal, reasonable pancakes, God-forbid half-stacks!


03-02-20 - Pizzeria Francesca, Jesmond
This authentic Italian restaurant is family owned and stands, forever bustling, in the heart of Jesmond. Or maybe the stomach. Either way, it is so popular that it's often a struggle to get a seat. Famed for its rough-and-ready cuisine and service, true flavours and awesome value, it is a must-visit place for anyone's trip to Newcastle. A food experience you will crave over and over again.

21-02-20 - Shoe Tree Cafe, Newcastle
(Pictured at the very top) Situated just opposite Heaton Perk, this has to be one of my favourite brunch stops in Newcastle. At the time, they had posted a picture on their Instagram for limited edition pancakes - marzipan-pancakes, lemon curd, and cherry compote. Within hours, I was there. Unlike some cafes, this one does half-stacks but, even their full-stack isn't too coma-inducing. Their relaxed atmosphere and delicious food combinations mean this is one local cafe I'm always happy to support.

26-02-20 - Revolution, Newcastle Centre
This is the only Nationwide chain featured in this 'Where I Ate' series so far because, once you've seen the image below, you'll understand that there was no way I could leave it without praise. The service and hospitality on our visit (for a friend's birthday) were so spectacular and the food was just the icing on the cake. I went for the 'Mother Clucker' burger which was an absolute MISSON but boy-oh-boy it was tasty. I'm not a huge fan of beef patties and these didn't do anything to change my mind but other than that it was an incredible indulgence.


02-03-20 - Red House, Newcastle Centre
As a spontaneous little post-uni date night, we popped along to our favourite pie restaurant - the brilliantly British, Red House. Conveniently, it was Pie Week so we had the chance to try out some new, special pies on offer. I went for pulled pork which was delicious, while Jamie opted for haggis (not my cup of tea). As ever, service was SUPER quick and the atmosphere and food quality were exactly what you'd want and expect from an authentic, old Public House like this.

11-03-20 - Heaton Perk, Newcastle
Back to Heaton Perk, this time for lunch and an afternoon of studying with a friend. During lunchtime/afternoons this cafe does get very popular with working students, so we weren't the only ones tapping away on keyboards. The food was lovely - Chorizo, tomato chutney and mozzarella toasted on locally baked bread brought across by their sister-company, 109 General Store (a zero waste grocery shop, 2 doors down). And I added in a cheeky banoffee milkshake, just to keep my study-spirits high.

12-03-20 - The Social Cafe Bar, Newcastle Centre
Meeting up with another old friend, we popped for lunch at a fairly new cafe, The Social. It's a great addition to the University areas and seems to be popular, especially with their fresh, handmade pizzas and deals. I just opted for a panini but with the Serrano Ham, it was a little more luxury. Great coffee, great service, great company. (Coordinating Image: Below, Top Right)

18-03-20 - 1901 Bistro, Jesmond
Just before the lockdown was doomed, I visited 1901 with 5 friends for my birthday brunch. I was a little uncomfortable by the way the cafe seemed to pay no attention to social-distancing rules (with tables remaining squashed together and no mention of any efforts on their social media or within the cafe) but we did manage to keep ourselves to ourselves. My brunch of choice was something different that I'd never tried before: Canadian Waffles. That is a concoction of waffle, bacon, syrup, pecans, spiced apple crumble, and cream cheese. Some of the flavours were a little overwhelming and it left me rolling home afterwards, but I reckon if it's your birthday, you're allowed those extra toppings.

So, which one is my favourite? I would have to say it's a tough call between the 3 course meal at Pizzeria Francesca's or the unique brunch flavours at 1901 Bistro however they are two very contrasting cuisines, so I may be able to settle with two choices.

Where have you been eating out lately?

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  1. All of this food looks amazing, especially the pancakes - wow!

    Lucy | Forever September