Sustainable Gift Guide for Everyone - Under £10

Whether its birthdays, anniversaries, or just a little act of kindness, the thought and love captured through a sustainable gift is priceless. Giving someone a gift which has been thought out, not only in terms of the receiver but in terms of its own environmental impact is something I'm sure we'd all be grateful for. Whoever you're gifting, for whatever occasion, here's a sustainable gift guide for (almost) everyone.

For the cook...I gifted this one recently to a friend who was starting to be fond of cooking and was in need of the few essentials. Rather than just buying a few spice pots from the supermarket, I decided to buy a set of empty pots, complete with their own housing, then popped along to my local zero waste shop. Here, I had the choice of plenty of spices and picked out the ones I knew my friend would appreciate. Now, my friend has the set and spices all ready to be used and can easily be refilled at her local zero waste shop, too! A great alternative to the somewhat ugly supermarket tubs.

For the wellness warrior...These days, we all have a friend or family member who loves to practice mindfulness - I'm one of them, myself. Once you've gifted them all the mindfulness books out there, it's time to turn to what I think is one of the best inventions of the 21st Century, The Happy News. A quarterly newspaper built on only spreading positive world news. Such a brilliant read to match your afternoon coffee.

For candle lovers...Mum, grandad, cousin, or teacher - we all know someone who has a thing for candles. Unfortunately, the cheap paraffin wax candles contain ingredients derived by petroleum/coal and can even dispense harmful ingredients when burned. Alternatives such as Soy Wax or Beeswax candles produce 90-100% less soot than paraffin wax candles meaning, not only are your walls protected but your health may be too. Soy Wax is vegan, although there are arguments for it's detrimental effects to the environment (such as deforestation and gas emissions in mass production) but, nevertheless, it's kind to support responsible soy farmers. On the other hand, Beeswax (which of course has some ethical problems as well) is not vegan, but also makes fantastic candles. They are even known to give off a warm, honey smell when burned. 

For green fingers... There's no doubting that, along with the 'wellness' attitudes of the past few years, the desire for house plants has soared. Are you a 5-foot palm kind of person or a mini succulent keeper? Either way, any houseplants are great for freshening the air and design of your home. There are many different websites out there that will deliver houseplants to you but, if you want to stay under that £10 budget, you're definitely best off taking a trip to your local garden centre or even the local market. 

For the pampered... Whichever one of your friends loves an evening in the bubble-bath or a relaxed afternoon pamper, the Eco Vibe Bathroom Kit would be just the call. Within the budget, your giftee will have the chance to enjoy biodegradable, recyclable, compostable, plastic-free essentials such as cotton buds, a loofah, and handmade soap. This is definitely a gift which shows you care. For a little bit of a higher budget, the likes of Wearth's Eco Bathroom Set or Boobalou's Zero Waste Set will also fit the bill.

With all of your sustainable gifts collected, don't forget to wrap them up in a sustainable way too. Check out my blog post for sustainable gift wrapping ideas.

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