How To: Make the Most Creative Instagram Stories (+ Infographic)

Having creative and eye-catching content on Instagram doesn't just stop at the grid - being present and on-tend through stories is just as important. Over the past few months, I've been testing and trying a big ol' bunch of apps, widgets and creative styles to figure out the best ways to present stories to audiences.

Since I stepped onto the Instagram platform, it has changed a lot when it comes to creativity.  With the competition getting harder and harder for bloggers and creative influencers, we have to keep up with Instagram's best techniques. Whether it's adding hashtag bars to drive a specific audience, location tags for a niche, music for creative depth, or gifs for imagery, all of the widgets within Instagram Stories are effective in their own way. 

Albeit, some more effective than others at different times; e.g. Polls are super easy for people to interact with. Due to their word limit, there's never going to be a whole bunch of text for your audience to read, so the most effort they'll contribute is a simple yes or no tap! 

Slide bars or Q&A boxes, may not always be so effective, though. A slide bar seems to have very little meaning for a lot of situations and, unless your followers have any real opinion, I'm not sure if they'll want to work those thumb muscles. Similarly, the Q&A box has become a real issue lately. With spam accounts blocking the view of genuine answers, a lot of people have just outright given-up using them. Unless this can get sorted by Instagram, I think their use is going to remain a little bit overlooked.


There are hundreds of Story Apps out there and it would be utterly criminal for my to claim trail of every one of them. I have thought, had a go at the most popular/advertised ones out there and I'm ready to share my favourites. 

Disclaimer: I very rarely pay for extra templates (I've stated where I have) because I believe there is already enough out there to provide a wide range of versatility. So, with that in mind, this is your free guide to Instagram Apps.

T E M P L A T E S -

Storyluxe - Frankly, I don't where I would be without this one. It does not only feature frequently on my Instagram stories, but I reply on it for an aesthetic layout here, on my blog, too. The 'film' and 'element' templates are my favourites because they provide creative layouts which can look different with every picture. Inserting media is also super easy and accessible too and there is absolutely no need to worry about a textured background, as a whole bunch of them are free to use.

Unfold - I may go as far as to say that this App is the OG when it comes to Instagram Story Templates - well, at least it was the first one I ever owned. This app gives a lot more freedom than Storyluxe, with more simplistic templates as well as the option to add stickers, texts and colours to your design.

More include Bazart for complete freestyle design and Stories Edit for aesthetic lead templates.

E D I T I N G -

Filmm - The infamous video editing app co-created by Zoella does seem to have a few too many bugs here and there but when it does work, it can layer your video with some beautiful, seamless effects. 

1998 Cam - God bless the day when we all get off HUJI and see the shining light of 1998 Cam. This app gives all the effects of Huji, but with so much more creative freedom. Believe me, I upgraded my HUJI account just so I could import photos - why?! Now, I'm over on the 1998 Cam with the ability to chose my vintage effect, add whichever lens flare effect I want, add 'grain' of any size and intensity, and so much more. I promise this isn't a sponsor, more just a PSA!

More include PicsArt for drawing ability, Adobe Lightroom for polished editing, and Focos for refining depth of field.

C R E A T I V E   T O O L S

One prime example of how Instagram is adding more and more for creativity, the 'pen' option now includes the arrow function - so at least we know that, while the algorithm is still a demeaning issue for budding creators, at least we don't have to draw arrows anymore.

On a brighter note, layering the translucent highlighter tool, different fonts, and text colours can be one road to creative Stories. Holding down on the colour circles opens up a spectrum for choosing the perfect shades but, even better, using the picker tool to pull out colours in your images can make great coherence.

G I F S -

That's right, I just gave you a full infographic that will basically be all you will ever need for your Instagram story gifs - you're welcome! Scouring the internet, watching a bunch of YouTube videos and a lot of Pinterest scrolling brought me to a long list of keywords for getting the best gifs. These gifs are perfect for adding quirky, aesthetically pleasing, and well-made finishing touches.

✻    ✻    ✻    ✻

If you're looking to get more creative with your Instagram, whether you're doing it for a small creative following or to enhance your brand and interest new customers - don't forget that fine-tuning comes with a lot of patience and consistency. Using just a few of the tools mentioned above mixed up with your own personal style sets you on the road for the most beautifully artistic stories.


  1. Some amazing tips here lovely! I love using Unfold, it's such a great app! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

    1. It is!! There are so many out there but not many can pass that one :P x

  2. I love reading posts like this as everyone tends to have their own 'style' and tips for when it comes to insta stories. It gives me so much inspo for my own. I love using unfold for templates or little additions to my posts. Thank you for sharing x
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.com

    1. Really glad this could bring you some inspiration! :) x