How To: Feel a Little Less Terrified About The New Decade Ahead

I could've written this post about one week into January because, as the clock struck 12, the anxiousness and nervous anticipation had already set in. The previous decade was left behind; one of repeating education, growing up, learning about the world. A new decade was swept before us; looming with expectations, reality and HUGE life choices.

At least for me, turning 21 in 2020 means that, the next time we'll turn a decade, I'll be heading into my 30s. So, do I only have one decade to set myself up and get myself on the right track? 

Of course, many would argue that life can be taken at whatever pace it needs to go and I need to be living in the present, not in the future. It is reasonable to think that way and, truth be told, I think my anxious little mind is yearning for me to think like that. But, it's easier said than done. AND, when was fighting your fear ever so bad for you after all?

Welcoming 2020 with an awkward handshake and a sheepish smile, I've managed (just about) to get to the end of January without going insane (maybe just one existential crisis later).  There's nothing more empowering than that; looking back at how I felt at the start of January, I was terrified - now, though, I'm slowly but surely coming to grips with what the new decade is going to throw at me and learning that I am capable and excited to handle whatever it may be. Here's how:

G E T  M O T I V A T E D
If like me, you're entering what could be some of the biggest, most impactful years of your life, this will include securing that dream career. Admittedly, that doesn't need to be done in your twenties, or in any particular decade, in fact. However, I know that I'd love to be on my career path as I leave Uni, after hearing so many horror stories about Post-Grad life; but that isn't going to find it's own way. I'm going to have to kick myself up the butt and put these actions in place. Whether that is finding out what I want to do, working hard at Uni, or experimenting across different jobs to find what I enjoy - I'm really beginning to learn that being motivated to get moving is the only way I'm going to achieve exactly what I want for my future self.

You may feel like the next decade is going to be a huge learning curve, filled to the brim with challenges and life-changing moments but, before we let ourselves get too scared by it, it's important to reflect on what we've achieved in the past decade. For me, comparing a decade of non-stop education to the upcoming decade of work, love, family, and financial changes seems somewhat unreasonable. I am, however, starting to accept that my younger self may have been equally terrified at the thought of finishing the 10s decade at University, no matter how unaware she was. The past decade for me has completely impacted who I am today and how I've grown up and there is no reason whatsoever that I, or yourself, should underestimate that

A C C E P T   C H A N G E
It's hard to see years passing by you and, in some cases, it's one of the biggest causes of anxiety for some people. I know I certainly struggle with change, and I always have. I'd like to move out of the flat I live in right now; try out a more modern place in a different location so that I can dip my toe into a different pool of water, but I equally don't want to abandon the memories I've made here, nor the special little pleasure that I'd hate to part with. But, eventually, it's going to happen. Realistically, I can't stay in this flat forever. Just like how I can't study my undergraduate degree forever, nevermind relying on the student loan. It's going to change, and accepting that is going to be the biggest most admirable achievement that I can do. As we grow up and welcome new homes, new jobs, new pathways, it is most important that we aren't scared of it. If we work hard to control our lives, we can be completely in charge of what changes take place and ensure that it's the best it can be. 

How do you feel about the decade ahead?


  1. I absolutely loved this! X

    Abbie | Cheerfully Live


  2. This decade is definitely going to come with a lot of changes, especially since I graduate in a few months time. Its so crazy but I'm trying my best to embrace it!

    Lucy | Forever September