The Christmas Party Dress* - Day to Night

*This blog post is in collaboration with Oasis Fashion and contains gifted items.

Velvet dress: Oasis | Scarf: Oasis | Bobble hat: Topshop | Coat: M&S | Boots: New Look

Christmas, for me, has always been about dolling up to the nines in fancy, and maybe somewhat traditional, clothing to welcome the festivities. While I usually go for glitter, this year I decided to mix things up and go for one of the oldest rules in the book, sticking with velvet. This dress is bound to be the kind of garment that comes out of the drawer Christmas after Christmas and is going to give everyone around you those Mrs Claus vibes (in the best way possible).  So, this Christmas, as I opted for the Velvet Oasis dress that seems to have flown off the shelves, I decided to show you how the perfect Christmas party-dress can be styled from day through to the night.

From Day ...
Layering up in the cold winter's frost is crucial and, when wearing such an elegant dress like this one, I think it is equally important to choose the right layers. For this look, it meant that a fitted overcoat would perfectly complement the wrap dress. The coat, from M&S, is new to my wardrobe this year and, as I'm always a sucker for sophisticated Winter coats, it's barely off my back (and, as an added bonus, it's super soft).

With this, I went for a neutral scarf, a bobble hat that's been keeping my ears safe from frost for a few years now, and THE New Look boots that just about everyone has or wants. The boots themselves are super comfy and will definitely be worth the small dollar as soon as the snow starts to come down.

Velvet Dress: Oasis | Hair Clip: Oasis | Earrings: Oasis | Clip-on Earring Adapter: Lovisa |

... To Night

Moving through to the night, whether on the same day or not, it always going to require a little bit more of a glow up. From drinks with friends, a dinner party, or even the actual Christmas Day (!!), it could mean adding accessories, makeup, heeled shoes, or all of the above. This is what I did here.

My makeup stepped up a little bit; adding a darker-nude lip and red/burgundy eyeshadow tones to match with the dress (careful, don't go too heavy with matching colours). What's hiding beneath my hooded eyes is the glittering eye pigment, which I would consider only mandatory for a Christmas party look, by the way.

For accessorising, I repped a fair amount of Oasis here. I've always loved the idea of earrings but, as something that has baffled many others before, I don't have my ears pierced and just don't want to. Lovisa's clip-on adaptors gave me a new lease of life, though, so I was delighted to be able to wear these beautiful heart-shaped ones from Oasis (even despite the numb ear lobes - the clip-ons look good but OUCH). As well as this, I added my trusty, simple H&M gold rings and a Pearl Hairclip.

With the addition of 3 simple things: glam makeup, jewellery, and hair accessories, this dress quickly flashes from a day to night look just like that.

Which festive look will you be choosing this year?


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  2. I absolutely love how you've styled this dress! It looks gorgeous! Love all the photos too xx

    Amelia | rosetintedpics.co.uk