Where I Ate in September - Newcastle

We'll kick off with a disclaimer: I'm an eager cook and frugal bunny, so eating out is always a treat for me. I see others out for food every weekend and, not only do I question 'how the hell do you afford that?!' but I also know that my own cooking is sometimes just as good (if I do say so myself). Of course, you stumbled across my blog expecting the typical 'perfect life' of a blogger/influencer but, I'm certainly not about that here. So, with that in mind, I'm going to chat on about the little treats that I allowed myself over the past few weeks.

1. The Brownie Bar - Heaton
I very recently popped into The Brownie Bar to try out some of their treats with a few friends. The staff were more than welcoming to us, chatting with us, double-checking any dietary requirements, making us laugh, and leaving me alone as I proceeded to take multiple pictures of my cookie. Oh and, if you're wondering why I got a cookie in a Brownie Bar, it's because this beauty has a brownie nestle inside it. What a dream! I paired it with a banana nut ice-cream milkshake which was pretty much gone in seconds.

2. Valerie's Tearoom - Whitley Bay
It was actually my first time to Whitley Bay when I came to this Tearoom but I knew from social media and word of mouth that this was a lovely little place to check out. It certainly didn't disappoint. I got 20s/30s vibes from the interior but was so pleasantly surprised by how clean it was, even considering it was an old fashioned style place. The selection of cakes was wonderful; almost every type of classic cake you could think of. I opted for a walnut and coffee cake slice (which was very rich and large) and a pot of tea, of course, served in silverware. 

3. Bao Bar - Heaton
Just before our brownies, we tried out Bao Bar, also on Chillingham Road. Bao Bar serves, you guessed it, steamed Bao Buns filled with your choice of 5 fresh fillings. I was super impressed with the chicken in my Chicken Bao Bun - not only was it super fresh, but also tender and delicious. While it may feel a little on the pricey side, with 1 small bun being around £4, it's definitely worth giving a try.

4. The Punch Bowl - Cradlewell
Standing proud on Jesmond Road is the newly renovated The Punch Bowl Hotel. Owned by the same company that owns The Brandling Villa, this pub opened its doors in July and seems to have had a lot of mixed reviews since then. This, though, is mainly because of the cheeky remarks and controversial attitudes that it holds (yet it's mostly sarcastic). Jamie and I did, however, welcome it with open arms. The vibes inside are so reminiscent of an old fashioned pub, with racing green subway tiles, old leather sofas and log burner. Although, I'm here to talk about the food which is 100% worth going for. It's pub food that has been carefully tweaked and changed to showcase delicious, unique flavours unlike anything else. We tried the pastrami potato rosti with silverskin onions and the venison meatball garlic toasted sandwich with parmesan fries - absolutely wonderful.

5. Acropolis Street Food - Tynemouth Market
Whenever one of the local markets is on, I'm always mostly thinking about Acropolis Street food. Luckily, they seem to go to all of the main markets in Newcastle and, seeing as the Jesmond Food Market is super local to me, it's dangerous for my bank account. Their gyros, packed with everything they have to offer, is an absolute melody and, if it was possible, it would eat it over and over again. It's the only one on this list which I've already visited multiple times before and, I can guarantee it'll continue to be one of my favourite choices.

Having eaten at all of those new places, I've got to say that I'd love to revisit the Brownie Bar the most given the fact that I've already checked out their breakfast menu and, when breakfast that good is so local, I don't know how I'll be able to resist.

This blog post was inspired by the wonderful Bekki at mynameisbekki.co.uk. You can read her recent post of where she's been eating, here, and follow her on Instagram too.

Where have you been eating out recently? 


  1. All of these places sound sooo good! The Brownie Bar especially looks like a dream! The photo of the cookie/brownie alone sold me haha xx

    Amelia | rosetintedpics.co.uk