3 Things to Know as you Start University

When I was starting Uni, I had no idea what to expect and I think this feeling is completely true for a lot of people. I remember getting my enrolment email through and taking ages to suss out where the ‘dashboard’ was, let alone whatever the hell ‘blackboard’ was. When you look back, you look jovially at the struggles and worries that you had. It completely is just one big learning curve, every inch of it. As I have been before, I’m always eager to be honest about my experience at Uni because, although I love being there, I know how much it can help others to get a clear and realistic view of what exactly to expect. Therefore, I’m reading and raring to tell you just 3 things you should know as you head into this next life chapter.

Making Friends is easy but still requires effort
A lot of people will say ‘Oh, you’ll make lots of friends at Uni’ and they’re not wrong, they just missed out a vital part. Making friends doesn’t happen if you stand still - to be brutally honest, you have to put some work into it to get things back. But, don’t worry, I’m not telling you you need to train day-in-day-out on how to greet people properly, I’m saying you need to engage with people and make sure that you come across as an approachable person or even human. This included getting into group chat for, say, your course mates; inviting flatmates over for food; going along to social events, and even having a go at the karaoke night. It might seem painstaking, you might feel completely intimidated by those 3rd years in the society meetings (which, by the way, is how everyone else feels) but in these first few weeks, you have nothing to lose. Get yourself out there, step out of your comfort zone, and be the best version of you that there possibly is. 

Revise from Day 1
I said this about college and now I’m here saying it about Uni; this time, though, I mean it. No matter what kind of course you’re studying on, whether it is coursework or exam based, revise from the moment you start. It may seem insignificant now, but when it comes to exams, you will hate yourself for losing that piece of information or having not written down the necessary notes. In general, just be organised and make life so much easier for your future self.

You’re an investor in a business, so get back your worth
When I started working for the Uni a few months into my 1st year, my previous naivety quickly began to wear off and I started realising that Universities are a business; a money-making scheme. I have previously discussed on here how I strongly believe that certain courses should not be worth the £9K that is required in comparison to some more costly courses. In a way, though, I think a lot of people would be able to use this information as they head into Uni (no matter which year you’re entering) as an advantage. Don’t sit and struggle in silence; as for things from your lecturers, attend the extracurricular lectures, use the library computers, their software, etc. do everything you possibly can to gain back your worth as an investor in their business. After all, you are paying for this, so it’s time to get your own back.

If you’re starting University this year, heading back into your next year, or even just thinking about applying for Uni, make sure to remember that it is a unique and excellent experience and, in more ways than one, and excellent learning chapter.


  1. Such great advice! I'm heading into my third (and final) year of uni and part of me wishes I'd pushed harder to make friends, although I'm very lucky to be friends with a few girls on my course which made it so much easier!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Of course; you don't have to make lots of friends, as long as you have a few god ones! :) x