Newcastle's Newest Day/Night Venue - 'Eden' Review

I had no idea what to expect upon my invite to visit Eden on their launch night. I knew that it was a replacement of the old night club, Tiger Tiger, but was a little bit confused by the way it was also advertising brunch. This only made me more eager to take a look around and, once my friends and I were through the door, it all began to make sense. The new Eden venue is a replacement of Newcastle's notorious Tiger Tiger, now with an elegant botanical theme, up to date vibes, and everything that a night out could ask for, all under one roof. So, here's what you need to know.

What's there?
Starting from the bottom, as soon as you walk in you are enticed by the botanical theme; flower walls, punny neon signs, and botanical wallpaper; the Garden of Eden theme is completely floor to ceiling. There are two entrances, the door on the left brings you into the bar area (which eventually leads through the restaurant at the back) and the door on the right is an entrance to the stairs, leading up to the clubrooms.

Upon entering the bar, they pride themselves on their very luxurious gin bar, fully equipped with efficient staff members and what feels like an endless drinks menu. There are plenty of places to sit and enjoy your drinks, from booths hidden away in private corners, to tables centred around very flamboyant trees.

Through the bar and into the restaurant, there is plenty of seating (again with a variety of different dining setups), each table laced with more botany vibes and crystal wine glasses all flickering in the light of the open kitchen and pizza oven.

On the first floor, I was surprised to find out how much I loved karaoke! You can hire out rooms for you and friends for as little as £5 an hour with pretty much any music you could ask for and on-hand drinks service at the push of a button.

Finally, the top floor is home to 3 new clubrooms. The first is my favourite, Genesis, which is the cheesiest, most extravagant mix of light up dancefloors, glitter balls, and 80s hits. With a huge window watching over Newgate Street, it looks fantastic at night. Through another door is the smallest club room, Forbidden, serving the R&B lovers, and finally, the main room is a new, open-plan venue that will host DJs and event, Hedonist.

The Food and Drink

While the place radiates such a luxurious vibe, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find out that the food is excellent value. At £9.50 for a 2-foot-long pizza that is so big, it's ideal for sharing, you really can't go wrong. My friends and I devoured 2 of these huge pizzas, as well as their tasty chunky 'Cheeky Eden Chips' and we have all already vowed to head back asap to get more of that delicious dough.

You will have definitely guessed by now what the theme is for the cocktail menu?! You got it - Floral. But fear not, the classics are all still listed there too, but you have to try their stunningly unique cocktail mixtures, mostly themed around botanicals. I recommend 'Petals & Peaches' and 'Le Bouquet'.

But wait, it might all sound to good to be true, but one of my favourite things is the happy hour between 5-9pm EVERY DAY! That's half-price drinks for 4 sweet hours. Not to mention their fizz Friday's, packages and masterclasses.


As I previously mentioned, there are fabulously entertaining karaoke rooms on the first level which are available for booking. On the busy launch night, we did manage to get a booth on a walk-in basis, having to only wait around 10 minutes but I reckon the short wait really can't be guaranteed (especially because the sing-a-long is so addictive you will all want to stay in their forever). 

Moving onto the rooms, I believe they've all just had a lick of the Eden theme, cleaner spaces, with more up-to-date decor, but still completely remain as a true geordie venue. If you're their on a weekend (or even the launch night) you'll still see the results of someone taking advantage of those happy hours or someone who won't stop singing even outside of the karaoke room. Nevertheless, it's great fun, a stylish nightclub, with the Geordie cherry on top. 

I adore finding new, exciting places in Newcastle and I'm delighted that Eden has graced the toon', bringing with it what it has to offer but welcoming our culture with open arms. I already can't wait to visit again soon.

Have you visited Eden yet?

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