5 Things Making Me Proud Right Now

"Don't wait until you've reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal"

I've done a similar thing like this before on my blog; expressing the things I've been achieving and how they make me proud, or sometimes even shock me. So, in true Rose Glow fashion, I thought I'd chat again about what all the steps I'm taking at the moment that I am allowing myself to be proud of.

1. Enjoying a night out
I reckon if you met me, it would only take one of my Dad Jokes for you to realise that I'm no cool kid. And when I say I've been recently been enjoying a night out, I still have no shame in telling you that most of the time it doesn't stretch out any longer than 2am, at best. Nevertheless, I'm always up for so many more events now than I was a year ago, whether it's day drinking, nightclubbing, or parties - I'm a lot happier with how these things go now and, to be honest, have my fabulous friends to thank for that.

2. Going to blogger events
As well as my own personal events, I've been extremely lucky enough to be invited to quite a few Blogger/VIP Events lately courtesy of this little site and that Instagram page of mine. Seeing as though it's around a year ago since I went to my first blogger events, I'm delighted at how often I get to attend these events now. I have to agree, living in Newcastle is the key for me. Being from a village at home, I was never able or even considered for such events, but now I have so much more on my doorstep and I'm so grateful for that.

3. Bossing false eyelashes
Wow, I didn't think I'd be saying this ever in a million year but I'm officially one of those girls who goes out wearing false lashes. I've always not been very risky with make-up and stayed safe with things but, once I started going wild and trying more adventurous eyeshadow looks (I know, hold me back right now), I decided it was worth jumping on the lash bandwagon too. And. I. Love. Them. I have naturally very straight and stumpy lashes so to be able to leave the house feeling like I have feathers on my eyes is fabulous.

4. Not underselling myself
Speaking of taking risks, when it comes to my content, I've recently been asking for budgets and not being scared to ask for the credit that I deserve. So far, I've experienced a few little knockbacks (expected) but, in some cases, been pleasantly surprised. It is a relief to finally be earning from my passion and, with what I do earn, be able to put more effort and care into my content.

5. Growing
Admittedly, this may be jinxing things but my blog and Instagram has been growing pretty healthily recently and I am so, so proud of that. I surpassed 1.5k on Instagram and it actually didn't fluctuate back down as it usually would. I have managed to post blog and insta posts pretty consistently, and feel good about the content that I'm sharing and I'm just generally having a good time with it all. There's something so fulfilling about putting effort into something and getting the feedback and results that I'm hoping for.

What are you proud of right now?


  1. You should be so proud of yourself for all of these things - you go girl!

    Lucy | Forever September