York's First Cat Cafe 'The Cat's Whiskers' - Review

Having only opened in April, and being York's very first cat cafe, I definitely had to visit. When planning a trip to York with friends, we all instantly knew that The Cat's Whiskers would be on our list of things to do (amongst drinking cocktails). Obviously, being full of cats and cake meant that it was always going to be great but there are a few things that made this particular cat cafe stand out as one of my favourites.

The Atmosphere
So, here's how it works - you go into the introduction room first of all to confirm your booking, and you're given a little clipboard for any food orders to be noted on by staff. Once you've been let through the next door, you're onto the ground floor seating area with all the cats, but the feline friends don't stop there, there is also an upstairs with 2 more rooms of seating. As we went as a group of 5, we filled one of the upstairs rooms (after being advised that many of the cats were currently up there by one of the many lovely staff members). 

The place was peppered with people all around, not too busy but a lot of the seats were taken up. I think it's always important that they don't overcrowd these places; for the cats and the guests. You're free to walk around anywhere, but I do certainly recommend getting there nice and early in order to ensure you get your favourite seat.

After petting cats till our hands were hairy and eating lots of delicious cake, we all sat back on our seats, classical music in the background, playing Cat Bingo. The staff were always happy to drop past and give us some facts about the cats wandering around us, or help us in any way we needed. 

The Cats
In the area that we were sat in, it had already been claimed by Sprout (above) and Olaf (last image). Sprout was a huge, playful cat who laid splayed in front of the air conditioning unit but still seemed happy to play and amuse us all. Olaf, on the other hand, was a lot calmer and would slowly walk amongst the chairs to find a new spot to sunbathe in. He and his brother, Snowy (first image) are both deaf, meaning they have adorably loud meows that can be heard from anywhere in the cafe.

As well as those 3 cats, we had visits from the huge tom-cat, Bear. He was once living rough and looks like a guy who has been through quite a lot but now seems so relaxed in a place where he is very loved. Then there was the oldest girl, Coco, who was previously used for breeding and went through a stressful time but is now thriving and living her best life.

It's always wonderful to hear how these cats have been rescued and brought back around to a life they deserve. Going from living on the streets to being able to relax on whichever shelf, cat bed or cushion they wish - it's lovely that this cat cafe is doing their bit for the cats of York.

The Food 
Obviously, I chose Red Velvet cake and it was one hefty slice. Luckily, Jamie and I shared our piece of cake so didn't end up overdoing the sweet tooth. My friends opted for the Gluten-Free Lemon and Poppy Seed cake which I hear was also delicious (and also hefty). Their cakes are made and sourced locally and there are great efforts to include an inclusive variety of options on the menu.

For drinks, a few of us opted for a simple lemonade because anything cold was amazing on a warm day. I can imagine if it was a cold winter's day we'd all have gone for a cuppa or a latte with our cakes because the coffees did look really good.

Unfortunately, the cafe does just serve sweet treats at the moment, so I wouldn't recommend going in expecting your lunch but, at the end of the day, we really just go for the cats.

Overall, a brilliant experience and this stands out as one of the best cat cafes I've visited because of the great size of the place and just how perfectly it fits into the York culture. Amongst the hustle of the shambles, it's lovely to take a break with some furry friends.

Which cat cafe is your favourite?


  1. These cats are so cute! I really want to visit a cat cafe, they look like so much fun x


    1. There are cat cafes everywhere now - so many to choose from! You should definitely visit one x