Does Living In A City Give You an Influencer Advantage?

So we all want to be successful, it's a given. Some would argue that if you want to work in particular industries, you're best off living where it's all happening. For example, if you want to be an astronomical scientist, I don't suspect you'll get very far living in a semi-detached in a village in the Midlands; some would also argue that, if you want to make it big in the Fashion Industry, you probably won't do it in Kent, or Hull or any other city aside from the big'uns. 

But how about one of the worlds most widespread industries out there; the industry that solely relies on the internet, being something spread far and wide, from country to country. How can such a busy, dense, and international community have one place, one hub, where it thrives the most. Maybe it's all about location desire. 

When I was growing up and writing my blog, I'd always look at other bloggers and wondering what I was doing wrong that meant I wasn't as successful as them. Of course, without focussing on the fact that I'm just generally not as cool as those people, it always came down to the things they had access to. 

I grew up in a village, so flower walls, rooftop bars, big brand events,
 and breakfast menus were certainly not of abundance.

In fact, the nearest city to me was a (if you're lucky) 40-minute drive away. My blog solely consisted of what was happening here, in my bedroom, in my parent's semi-detached house, in a village where the nearest train station was in the next town. And, let's be honest, that was definitely not the most thrilling of things. 

You might think, 'Well there are definitely successful bloggers out there that have grown up in small, rural areas' and you'd be right, but it might be worth thinking about where they live now. When we look at the top 25 British Influencers, they all seem to live in and around London. The likes of Lily Pebbles, Samantha Maria, In The Frow all live their influencer lives in the centre of London, while the obvious Zoella, Saffron Barker, and Mrs Hinch live even more glamorously in their 'safe distance from London but still never too far away from a Tube' homes, sitting pretty in Brighton and Hertfordshire. 

So is it only living in London that can provide influencer success?

Well, I'd say yes and no. I'd definitely agree that living in a city boosts the amount of creativity that one can materialise. Rewinding back a year in my life, I still lived in that same old village, now, however, I'm living in central Newcastle and doing what I believe to be the best I've ever done in terms of my blog. It's thriving day by day and, with so many more businesses and accessibility around me, I can go to fancy cafes, rooftop bars, and big brand events.

Not every brand wants to come to Newcastle though. Admittedly, there may just not be enough influencers based in my city as there are in London, meaning the guest list to a London-based Jo Malone event can be packed full of people. On the other hand, you may argue 'Well the big brands want the big names, so that's why they put the events in London'. But that would clearly be suggesting that big names are only from the London/Southern region and that brands have no hope for big, impactful influencers making a big enough effect.

And, just like that, we've gone around in one big circle.

If you don't live in London/South, you won't get invited to events/opportunities but, if you are a successful enough blogger, you will get invited to events. BUT, it just so happens that the most successful UK influencers are from London/South area.

Of course, being successful is something that each individual will define differently. Whether this means freelance writing from your office in Cumbria, or jet setting the world at no cost to you. Perhaps having contacts in big cities will aid your journey to success, yet there are definitely still people out there who have made their way to the top by sitting at their desk. 

Each definition of success is valid and, although some will disagree, I have to say that, in my opinion, living in a city does impact your effectiveness as an influencer. I would also go as far as to say that, most big British UK cities have the potential to cough out some pretty amazing influencers. The likes of Kate la Vie in Glasgow, Sophia Rosemary in Machester, and even Me & Orla living in rural Yorkshire all do brilliantly and, despite the fact that some of the biggest opportunities have seen them travel the long distances to London, they are still utterly thriving. 

I'd probably conclude that, while the industry is completely biased, it's also full of incredibly skilled people. The most skilled perhaps being the people who can make the most out of a little. From Kate la Vie bringing the quirky London cafe vibes to Glasgow with Market Coffee House to the stunningly chic photography that Samio takes from just her living room. They are just two examples that this is an industry full of determination, no matter what (or moreso, where) we are.

Do you think that success is determined by where you live?


  1. This is a really interesting post, I live in South Wales (not Cardiff) and opportunities are little and few in Wales, I've been to blogging events in Wales who are run by the same company but that's as far as I've gone! I do agree that you've got a good chance of being a successful blogger when living in or on the outskirts of London, but like you said, there are other blogger's/influencers who have become very successful from where they live, it really all depends on how much hard work you put in! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  2. This is such an interesting post Alice! I'm in the position currently you were talking about where the nearest city to me is actually Newcastle which is around an hour and 15 away. Like you say, most events are in the London area and I haven't been able to attend opportunities previously held there. I think where you live definitely helps but it is also down to determination xx (Also LOVE the new blog theme)

    Amelia | rosetintedpics.co.uk

  3. This was a super interesting post and I do think you're right in saying its easier to be invited/get more opportunities if you're in and around big cities, especially London. I guess perhaps thats where the headquarters of a lot of brands are, or where the 'flagship' stores are etc. I'm lucky enough to live around 40 minutes outside of central but I can imagine it to be very frustrating living further north etc!

    Lucy | Forever September

  4. This was such an interesting read and a well written post! I definitely agree with everything you said. I live in Norwich which is around 2 hours away from London where most events are held. No brands really consider Norwich when it comes to events which is frustrating. But I definitely think you can be successful no matter where you are if you have the determination and passion to succeed xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.co.uk

  5. Girl I totally agree with you!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

  6. This is such an interesting read! Thanks for sharing!!