3 Places Of Tranquility In Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Living in a city means that, for me, it's important to take time out once in while in nature, fresh air, and calm. In and around Newcastle, there are parks everywhere to fulfil this need for tranquillity and these are my 3 current favourites.

1. Jesmond Dene
This had to be in here; it wouldn't be a post about Newcastle if I didn't mention the wonderful Jesmond Dene. The area is further surrounded by Paddy Freeman's Park, Heaton Park, and Armstrong Park - this region of Newcastle is a green space hotspot with plenty of space.

With multiple different routes for seeing different corners of the space, as well as being situated right next to Jesmond Highstreet (if you will), and, of course, the Pet's Corner. The miniature zoo at the south end of the park if great for seeing all animals from rabbits to peacocks, goats to parrots.

This little green space on Newcastle's North East Side brings all sorts of nature together and, if you get chance to visit on a quiet morning, it's the perfect opportunity to soak up some of the calmest moments you'll ever experience.

2. Watergate Forest Park 
I've only visited this park once so far but have to say I will definitely be visiting again soon. As someone who loves a long walk with lots of different, interesting sights, this certainly had it all, even though it was such a wide open space at times.

On our visit, we did the medium level walk but would be able to easily achieve the longer walk. There were so many different animals about too; from the ever elegant swans to a sighting of a heron, and a pond full of hundreds of pond snails. I can imagine this is a great place to bring children for teaching about wildlife.

As I mentioned above, some of the areas were open spaces, through fields or on top of small hills allowing some pretty awesome views. Other parts of the walk, and perhaps some of my favourite parts, were along the waterside or through forest spaces that hid trickling spring water streams. We were lucky enough to go on a beautifully sunny day and, in hindsight, should've definitely taken a picnic or even just a flask so we could sit and enjoy the views a little longer.

3. The Rising Sun Country Park
Everyman and certainly his dog will know about The Rising Sun Park if they're from Newcastle. It's a massive 162 acres of land in North Tyneside, coming up alongside the Town Moor and Gibside as some of the largest wildlife spots in the region. What makes this a great space of tranquillity for me is that, because of its sheer size, it's often pretty quiet and is not crowded.

On one of my visits to the park, I spotted a deer amongst the trees which were pretty special then, on another occasion, seemed to end up with some sort of connection with a horse after it ran over to me from the field and repeatedly followed me from one side of the gate to another. If you're reading this, horse, I hope you're doing well.

Like Watergate Park, this land is a mixture of open fields and forest settings with different pond areas dotted around. There's also a small hill where, once at the top, you get a great view of the surrounding Tyne region. Aside from cattle, I haven't seen as much wildlife in this area but is definitely a great place for some much needed fresh air and serenity.

There are so many more places waiting for me to explore in and around Newcastle and I can't wait to get my walking boots on and find more areas that can bring me more peace and tranquillity this summer.

Where's your favourite place to go for a little bit of calm?

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