I was recently super lucky enough to be gifted a try out of the new menu from one of my all-time favourite restaurants, Revolution If you're from pretty much anywhere in the UK, you'll most likely have heard of Revolution (sometimes heard of as 'Revs'). Being from the party city that is Newcastle, I have always been to this bar for drinks, indulged on their weird and wonderful creative cocktails, and their 2-4-1 offers, but, until the start of the year, hadn't thought of trying their food menu. Now that the food menu has had a re-jig and I got to have a taste of what's new, I could think of a few reasons why you should be checking it out too.

I actually opted for one of the newest drinks on the menu which I've tried before and loved previously. This one is called 'Bird Bath' and contains Bacardi Raspberry, Blue Curaçao, Coca Real coconut, pineapple juice, and lime. Given coconut and pineapple aren't flavours that I would typically opt for, I adore this cocktail. Jamie went for a Roku Gin and Tonic, then we both topped off the meal with a Blank Canvas (Very Cherry for me, Lemon and Lime for Jamie) at the end.

Okay, before you go ahead and call us greedy I'd just like to confess that, yes, we are greedy. We ordered a lot of food options here, mainly to try out different things but also because we kind of underestimated how big their portions are.

On our table, we had the Street Food Sharer consisting of two mini cheeseburgers, cajun dusted fries, pepperoni pizza slices, Revs' fried chicken, and 3 different dips. We then had sticky chicken, calamari, and the 'Trio of Fries'. The fries include 3 mugs packed with pesto parmesan fries, cheesy bacon fries, and Cajun and sour cream sweet potato fries.

I. love. this. food! Believe me, I live in a city thriving with food culture and yet this chain restaurant still really stands out for me. The way they twist up street food classics and make them so indulgent, as well as serving big portions at an honest, good value price. It's everything you could want for almost any occasion. I actually came to Revolution for food on my birthday last month, I've also taken family, and seen all sorts of groups celebrating all sorts of things around the venue.

My favourite foodie options have got to be the magnificent Sticky Chicken which is fried chicken coated in 'Rib Tickler BBQ sauce' which is a unique flavour developed by The Chilli Jam Man. On top of that is the Trio of Fries which is something I didn't even know I needed in my life until I tried it - pesto fries is a dream come true!

For every cuisine, the weird and wonderful, the classics, and the ingenuity, Revolution is where it's at. Revolution may have invited me down for food with them on this occasion, but it will certainly not be the only time I visit.

Have you ever visited Revolution?


  1. The food looks sooo delicious and the drinks look so cool as well, I'd love to visit!

    Lucy | www.foreverseptember.co.uk

  2. Oooh I feel so jealous of this spread, could do with a pot of cajun dusted fries! And the cocktails look so good!!x

  3. Oh my goodness, everything looks so so good! I swear you always find the best cocktails! xx

    Amelia | rosetintedpics.co.uk