I've got to admit, I always enjoy looking back and reflecting on a year that has passed. I recently looked back at the Lessons I've Learnt in 2018, discussing parts of my life that have changed and developed, but now, I want to look back on my year as a whole, as well as looking at how my blog has performed over the year.

E N D   O F   A    B L O G    Y E A R

I remember posting a blog post last year about the blog posts that were most popular in 2017 and, after really enjoying seeing the kinds of content that were most successful, I decided to do it again this year. Check out which blog posts were most popular this year:

 As well as being very grateful for the reception of these blog posts, I'm also extremely proud to have worked on some amazing opportunities as a blogger this year too. From achieving my first ever sponsored content, working with fantastic companies such as Botanics, and being lucky enough to explore so many amazing places around my local area, I certainly look back on the year with a warm heart.

E N D   O F   A    B L O G    S E A S O N

If you've been following my blog for a short while, you'll know that  I've recently decided to separate my blog into 'Seasons'. This means that I get a bit more time to produce content and even out the workload alongside my University commitments. So, as January comes right around the corner, that means that 'Season 1' comes to an end. Throughout January and February, I will be producing content but not publishing anything until March, where Season 2 starts. I'm nervous to see how the mini hiatus goes over the next two months and I'm really hoping that, when March comes around, people have still stuck around to see my new content.

Despite this, I wanted to look back at the way Season 1 has gone so far. To be honest, though, I reckon it's a bad Season to go off as I was just finding my feet and I didn't have any 'pre-season' free time to build up a bank of content. When I was busy (all the time... Uni life), there was simply no content and anything that went up was perhaps not always with complete maximum effort. I'm quite confident that having time to prepare for more posts will buy me that time that I need so I'm already very excited to see what Season 2 can bring.

E N D   O F   A    G O O D    Y E A R

This January was very wintery and full of snow. In this month, I finished my job at Superdrug and did a lot of walking. It was then that Jamie and I challenged ourselves to 1 walk every morning for 5 days - you can read about that here.

In February, we visited Lincoln. It feels like so long ago but I loved it so much and I'm desperate to go back again sometime soon.

I passed my driving test - after so long of learning to drive this was a HUGE milestone for me! I was also lucky enough to visit Edinburgh for my Birthday. Unfortunately, I was terribly ill with a nasty cold the entire time so had to take it quite steadily - nonetheless, we managed to explore some amazing food and drink places and enjoy a relaxing weekend away. 

Not only did April bring with it some glorious sunny spring days, but it all also brought more local exploring and delicious cake baking.

More sunny weather came in May. I also got a mole removed (weird, but a big thing for me), joined the gym, and was gifted some amazing items and experiences for my blog - including items from Old English Co., YesTo, Botanics, and Living North Live.

Amongst many other amazing things that happened in June, at the end of the month, I travelled to Nerja for my Summer Holiday.

After arriving home from Nerja, I enjoyed a bunch of free time with Jamie. I also began pen-palling Sofia around this time and I have memories of writing letters in the warm conservatory.

August was a big month as Jamie and I officially moved into our first ever flat together. We used this time to get settled into the new area and complete any errands that needed doing around the flat.

Of course, in September, I started University and made some amazing new friends.

This October, I started my new job as a Content Creator at University. I still can't believe that I got the job, to be honest, because the other candidates were amazing. I guess they just see something that I don't.

In November, I was just ultimately surviving through student life. That frequently required a lot of retail therapy.

And, last but not least, December has been a case of plodding along and gritting my teeth in anticipation for Christmas. I've also been DOUBLE lucky as I visited Edinburgh again with family!

So that's my year through the months and through the eyes of a blogger.
Overall, it's been a year to never forget and, I've got to admit, looking back at the months like that and seeing all of the things I've achieved is just as shocking to me.

What did you do this year, both with your blog and life?


  1. You’ve had a year full of success both with your blog and in your life.

    In 2018, I bought my first blog design and my first blogging camera. I come from a working class background and to own a camera was something that was far out of reach when I first started blogging in 2014. Even if it was on my Christmas list, there was no chance that I was getting it. Even though, I’m on a minimum wage job, I treated myself to one and I’m so bloody happy with it.

    Lifewise, my greatest achievement was surviving and passing my A levels and getting into uni. I decided to take a gap year in the end but I’m proud that I go in.

    Here’s to a success-filled 2019 🥂

    Fran | www.franciscarockey.co.uk

    1. Congratulations of an amazing year for you too, specifically the academic achievements! Best of luck with your gap year, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed mine x

  2. It sounds like 2018 had some real great moments for you lovely, and the job at university sounds amazing. I hope 2019 brings you many more achievements and happiness.

    2018 wasn't the best for me to be honest but I'm determined to make 2019 a better year full of progress and growth!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. It sounds like you had such a great year! A huge congratulations on everything you achieved! I've loved seeing all your amazing content this year Alice, wishing you an equally as wonderful 2019 xx

    Amelia / http://rosetintedpics.co.uk