Once a month, a local food market pops up and reminds me of how much I adore eating Chicken Gyros, seeing the local produce, the friendly familiar faces, and the unique wonders.

Bizarrely, the Jesmond Food Market was something that Jamie and I stumbled upon by accident one month and now we just can't get enough. We especially invite friends and family along on the days it's scheduled for, in order to show them around, show it off, and as another excuse to see and eat the brilliant food ourselves.

Despite growing up in a village, I've never ever been exposed to a market like this which creates such a high sense of community and joy. It's great tastes and great people all packed into one jar and I'm actually extremely proud to call it my local market. While I'd love to keep it a secret, I can't help but share just one of the brilliant reasons for visiting Newcastle.

Kicking it off with one of my favourites stalls, manned by a friendly beekeeper, it is, of course, The Travelling Bee Company. Alongside the astonishing array of honey types, both local and 'guest', you can even find Honey Bee Pollen, Lip Balms, and Honeycomb, and more. Everything you could possibly get from a busy little bee, this guy has got it! I adore products like these; those that are locally sourced and made with so much heart and passion - this has to bee one to visit.

I wouldn't be able to miss a stall that sold houseplants, would I?

The market is actually held on a bridge that crosses over The Jesmond Dene. Armstrong Bridge is one of the most unique bridges across the Jesmond area and is rich in history. While it was once open to motor vehicles, it's now exclusive to pedestrians and it's very proud little market. When walking across this bridge on days other than market days, there are some fantastic views over the area - you might recognise the bridge in this Insta pic of mine!

Last but not least, is the Newcastle favourite: The Acropolis Street Food. I reckon I'd happily eat their food every day for my entire life - it's just a complete fistful (or three) of indulgent goodness. My order is typically the Chicken Gyros: A Pitta bread stuffed with salad, chips and chicken, then topped off with Acropolis and tzatziki sauce! Honestly, I don't dare to describe it anymore before I start drooling. 

All in all, it's not only a lovely trip out for the family, but it's an even better way to support small, local businesses and the community itself. I think I'll definitely hold this little gem in my heart for a long time.


  1. Local food markets are the best, I love having a proper browse around my local ones! There seems to be so many goodies at this one, I wish I lived closer to come and visit!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. If you ever find yourself heading up to Newcastle, I'll definitely have to show you around these gems :P xx