These wide-leg trousers are something that I would definitely never choose but I've actually warmed to them. They're a swaying, lightweight material that will be perfect to wear in the Autumn months. I paired it with this orange, statement jumper to add a real vibracy - on the whole, this outfit was totally comfortable to wear and definitely would be great to wear to Uni when looking for something casual, warm, and stylish.

The collection of loungewear tracksuits on the Femme Luxe website is amazing! There are so many different styles and colours to choose from but I definitely couldn't resist a pink one. I'm a sucker for loungewear and I love the idea of stepping into this tracksuit on days where I'm working at home or when all I need to do is pop to the shop. This particular one is a bit more of a crepe material rather than a jersey material which I think makes it more of an outfit that just pjs. And, of course, the rainbow detail is adorable! I think it adds such a cute touch to this outfit - I'm definitely never going to be out of those joggers especially. 


Part of Uni life will involve formal situations which I think these black, cuffed trousers can definitely cater to. However, paired with a crop top, they would just as well double up as a party piece. They're very lightweight and thin making them comfortable and easy to move around in. They did originally come with a chain link to be added how you wish but I think I'd be more inclined to add that in a party context rather than this 'formal' style. The cuff around the ankle also fitted really nicely and wasn't too tight or restricitng.

Again, I love the super cute and unique rainbow detail on this two-piece. Unfortunately, I wouldn't recommend this one for tall people though - the legs ended up being short on me which meant I did have to save it by rolling them up a little - although, this did end up looking OK. The trousers of this set did feel a little low waisted too and, for someone with wide hips and a smaller waist, I can often feel really uncomfortable in anything that doesn't sit high on me. Nevertheless, I think the little rainbow crop top will be perfect for a night-out, even paired with any two of my Femme Luxe black trousers.

☀︎   ☀︎   ☀︎   ☀︎

Altogether, I'm so excited to wear these items in my new chapter through Uni. The pink tracksuit will definitely be something that I'm reaching for on days when I know I want to stay warm and cosy sat at my desk but still want to look and feel good. The wide leg trousers are something I never thought I'd like but, if I can be inspired a little more on what to pair with them, I think they'll definitely grow on me even more. They're just so ideal for a comfortable and stylish piece to attend Uni in. And of course, the cuffed black trousers are something I feel I can never go wrong with. They do require a little bit of adjustment around the waist to fit my particular size, but I think they're such a versatile piece that I can really experiment with.

How are you updating your wardrobe lately?


  1. That orange jumper looks amazing on you! I haven't updated my wardrobe in ages but I'm so excited to start buying jumpers, coats and boots!xx

  2. Love the vibrancy of the items that you picked are. They'll definitely make you stand out when the weather turns dull!
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Yes! They're very bright and happy colours - i love it haha x