I've always been eager to look after my feet, so when Flexitol contacted me to gift me some of their products, I certainly didn't hesitate. I decided to choose something different, foot care products that I've never tried before, as a way of mixing things up a little.

The thing that makes Flexitol such a brilliant and intense form of foot care is their main ingredient: Urea. Designed to retain moisture, the Urea is used in every one of their products to give maximum hydration to your feet.

Moisturising Foot Cream.
I went back to basics with this first product. Foot Cream is something that you can never go wrong with although, in the past, I've found some of them to be too thick or lumpy and just not too pleasant to apply. This Flexitol Foot Cream, however, is incredibly smooth and thin. The thin consistency is nothing to be fooled by though; it applies like a dream and rubs into a sort of gel which leaves a layer of what feels like some sort of 'hydration barrier' on the skin. Although it will sound cliche, this product really does leave skin feeling soft. It'll take a few minutes to soak in, but not too long, and I generally do tend to apply this before bed. My favourite bit of this one has got to be the scent. It's a fresh, clean smell which I feel is so vital for your feet. At £5.99 for this fair sized tube, I'd definitely repurchase this. 

Moisturising Foot Foam.
To be honest, I wish I loved this product but it just isn't for me. First of all, I love the size of the bottle - it's the perfect size to pop in a going-away bag but also big enough to get plenty of product. The concept of Moisturising Foot Foam is brilliant too. You simply apply the foam onto your feet and ankles like you would apply shaving foam. As you begin to rub the foam into your feet, it turns into a cream that's a similar consistency to the Moisturising Foot Cream. All in all, it moisturises well and does a good job BUT it just stinks. Due to the fact that this product is perfume and preservative free (which is definitely a brilliant quality to have), it brings with it the rather pungent smell of... cheese. Don't get me wrong, I love cheese, I just really don't want my feet to smell like it. Nevertheless, I can see this working really well for people who need intense foot-care treatments and those who are enjoying a little pampering. 

Heel Magic.
This is by far one of the best and easiest foot care products that I've ever used. A pure and simple, roll-on stick of solid moisturising foot balm that has made caring for my feet so much easier. On a night, I'll get into bed, take off my socks (usually fluffy Christmas socks) then roll a fair application of the Heel Magic all over my feet, with focus on any dry or rough skin then, after around 2 minutes of keeping my feet off the bed, I'm ready to let it do its magic while I sleep. Packed with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil AND Olive Oil, it does a tremendous job of soothing my feet and making them feel less dry. Luckily with a pleasant smell, I've been trying to use this as often as I can. Admittedly, applying too much can mean that you also have to get your hands greasy (it only took me a few days to figure out exactly how much to apply to avoid having to get my hands involved) and seeing results takes a little bit longer than the other products, but I have to sing such high praises purely for how entertained I am by this product. I feel like it'll last me a long time so at £6.99 it's excellent value. 

What footcare products are you using right now?

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