I guess a lot of people will already know that 'Micellar Water' kind of became all the rage in the past few years for being the miracle make-up remover. A lot of brands jumped on the Micellar band-wagon but I think the one brand that really served it up for me was Garnier. I've tried a few different Micellar Cleansing Waters for different types of skin but it's the Garnier Sensitive that really works for me.

There are 3 products in this sensitive range; the Gel Wash, the Facial Wipes, and the Cleansing Water itself. I've tried and finished a full product of each of these over time; in fact I've already repurchased a bottle of the Cleansing Water but, before I spoil it, I'll give you a quick rundown on what I thought of each of the products.

The water comes in two main sizes, 400ml and 125ml. I have both bottles because the littler one is perfect for taking in my wash-bag and off on holiday. The 400ml bottle is a lot bigger but lasts a pretty long time. At each use, I generally half soak one cotton pad - if I completely soak it, I end up with too much residue on my face which can sometimes produce little suds. It will also depend on how much makeup I'm wearing for how many cotton pads I'll require - if I'm wearing a full face of makeup (which includes foundation, powders, eye-makeup etc.) I can probably get away with 2 or 3 cotton pads of Micellar Water. However, here's the thing: because I do have sensitive skin, I can't just use the micellar water, I have to cleanse my face with water and moisturise after (FYI, I'm one of those people that couldn't dream of going to bed after a night out with my makeup still on - no matter how much I'd had to drink. Sleeping in makeup is a NO for me!). This means that I can use 2 cotton pads to get my full-face-of-makeup off, but I'd always wash away any streaks of mascara or residue with water.
I love how it picks up all of the makeup on your face - even the stubborn stuff. I can scrub away at my eyes and it won't sting or burn at all. The only downside for me would be that there is definitely a sticky feeling on your face afterwards - there's no way I could lay on my pillows with my face feeling that sticky. Similarly, I do sometimes look at myself in the mirror and realise that I've actually just smudged the makeup around my face - I've often wondered how the mascara got on my chin. I do appreciate that this can be avoided by using more cotton pads and not overusing the same one for too long, though.

If I'm honest, part of me feels as though having the gel wash leaves no real purpose behind for the water to exist. All that is required for makeup removal with the gel wash is a splash of water and perhaps a flannel if you're feeling wild. For me though, I was always instructed by my doctor to wash my face with only water so when it comes to removing makeup I want a gel wash with a light, thin consistency but still something effective so that I never have to scrub at my face. This Micellar Gel wash is perfect for this! It's light and easy to slide over and around your face with no riff-raff. No unnecessary beads, no overpowering scents and no fiddling around.
A basic, very gentle and kind gel wash: definitely a complete staple to have in the bathroom. Oh, and to top it all off, it's cheap. Currently only £3.99 in Superdrug, it's a steal!

These 'extra-gentle' cleansing wipes are really, really soft; they contain thin silk fibres and are pliable and easy to move around the contours of your face. The size of the wipes is great too - they fold out to a large square and are packed in stacks of 25, so there's plenty to go around. For me, these were perfect for popping in my travel bag. I preferred travelling with these as opposed to the Micellar Water which requires me to bring along cotton pads, or the Gel Wash that provides the inevitable worry of leakage. The wipes aren't swimming in Micellar Water so there's no worry that they'd 'leak' in my travel bag.
These wipes did disappoint me a little bit though after they did dry up towards the end. I always make sure the seal on my cleansing wipes is properly sealed after use but, despite that, when I was coming to the end of the packet, I did find that the wipes were almost bone dry and weren't as pleasant to use. It's a shame because even though they created the little annoying suds that the Micellar Water also did, they were so handy to have and I could probably just use 1 wipe for a face of every day, base-free makeup.

❋    ❋    ❋    

If you ask me which one of the products in the Sensitive Range is my favourite, I'd probably rank them in order of: 1) The Gel Wash for how easy it is to use and how gentle and smooth it feels on the skin, then 2) the Micellar Water because of how brilliant it is at tackling even the toughest makeup, then last place 3) would be the wipes. They're all brilliant products and there's no doubt that Micellar is a real breakthrough - Garnier have done it right, especially when it comes to catering for sensitive skin too. I just wish that those wipes stood out a little longer.

Which Micellar products do you use?


  1. I've recently started using the cleansing water again after my clinique cleansing balm run out and I just love it! It sounds to me like the water is the perfect first step in a skincare routine then the gel would be perfect for washing away any leftover makeup!xx

    Lucy | www.lucy-cole.co.uk

  2. I've never tried their micellar water but I love the gel wash! I have the normal version, since I don't have sensitive skin! Irecently found a Micellar Water Shampoo from Nivea the other day, which I found very interesting! xx

    Angela | DreamsAndLashes.com

    1. Ooooh Micellar Water Shampoo sounds like something that I DEFINITELY want to try - thank you for letting me know about it :) x

  3. My favourite out of these is the Micellar Water but the dry skin version! I love the gel as well but it leaves my skin a bit tight afterwards and doesn't remove some of my mascaras so I prefer the water. I purchased the wipes for days when I'm wearing light makeup and really like them :)x

    Anu | Based On blog

    1. The water is definitely the most malleable and easy to control how much you need for light or heavy make up - it's great x