When 2018 started, I already knew that my life was going to get pretty exciting and busy after June. My holiday starts in June, July is my last month at home, in August I move out, and Uni starts in September. It's destined to be full of great experiences and I want to be able to look back at these next few months with pride and fond memories.

These are my goals, split into categories, for June and July:

Stop fretting over blog post length.
With the desire for my blog to succeed comes the urge to always make things the best they can be and, while I completely agree with quality over quantity, it's difficult to find a balance when you're simply trying to be consistent. I like to keep my blog as consistent as possible because, as someone who wishes to make a strong reputation with brands, it looks good. However, sometimes I can struggle for words, especially if I'm pressuring myself to write 1,500 words per post. But not only this, sometimes I panic that I haven't written enough words even though I simply don't have much to say. I think, across these next few months, I'd like to stop being so hard on myself and write however much feels right for me, and no one else.

Keep up the consistency.
As I just said previously, I've recently been doing pretty well with uploading blog posts pretty frequently. I'm not going to lie, I do pride myself on this, and I like to think that I'm quite good at generating blog post ideas. However, there is a burning fear that one day I blank and get a spell of 'writer's block'. But, I should know by now that taking a little break from my little blog would be no disaster and sometimes does your brain and creativity a bit of good. Yet, for now, I'm proud of the work I'm producing and I'd like to see it continue over the next few months despite the hectic plans.

Let myself go + have fun.
In my previous post, I mentioned that I am particularly anxious when it comes to visiting foreign countries and it can sometimes leave me feeling exhausted. Even though it may sound easier said than done, I'd really like to let myself go on this holiday and instead of letting my brain focus on the unfamiliarity, I'd love to come back feeling like I embraced different culture and experiences.
It's different for everyone but, personally, I take a holiday as an opportunity to relax and enjoy the sunshine. I used to go on cruises with my family and sometimes when we docked, I chose to stay onboard the ship in the safety of the decks. On our holiday to Nerja this year, I'd really like to take adventures with open arms. I also feel like now that I have more of a desire to photograph my experiences for my Blog and Instagram, there's more reason to explore. I've already found a bunch of places that I want to visit when we're abroad - I can't wait!

Make plans with friends.
One of the realities of a gap year that I completely forgot to mention in my recent Blog Post is that it can be a pretty lonely time, most especially if all of your friends head off across the country to University and you're left at home staring at the same old walls. This is why, in June and July, while my college friends are on summer break, I'd really love to get some social fun in. We already have a bunch of things planned and, lately, I've been finding that I'm really enjoying their company. Whether it's attending the gym together or all going for a sunny picnic in the park, while we're all together, I'd love to make the most of it.

Keep up the gym motivation.
I mentioned in my April Favourites that I've been enjoying the gym lately because I'm noticing improvements in my physical AND mental health. In the next few months, I'd love to keep it up, especially when I no longer have the end goal of a bit more body confidence on holiday. I'm currently doing 3 times a week and I'm sure that, if I can keep that up for the next month, not only will it give me confidence for holiday, but it might give me that sense of routine that I'll always want to continue.

Be ready to move.
It's almost quite scary writing these words out; knowing that I'm getting so close to moving out of my family home. In July, Jamie and I will have to be flicking around getting our last essentials bought - at the moment, this includes a mop and bucket, a kettle (very essential for our tea addictions), and possibly an iron. We do already have a big bunch of things to take with us but I fear that there are a few things that we'll forget. What 'essentials' do you think we definitely need to take with us?

How are you spending your June and July?


  1. I really want to get back into fitness this month too! I'm not really one for the gym, but I want to start going for runs again.
    Aleeha xXx

    1. I'd recommend doing work outs at home - I started off doing that and found it great but just started the gym for a bit more of an excuse to get out of the house haha x

  2. These pictures are absolutely stunning Alice. Enjoy your holiday!!

    Steph x

  3. Making plans with friends is one of my goals of the month too. I was actually one of the only ones out of my friend group who moved away for university, so I want to make the most of summer, make some more plans and socialise. Loved this post! Look forward to your July content x


    1. Yes, that's a great plan and something that I really hope I can get done - enjoy your summer and thank you for reading, sweetie xx

  4. That's so interesting because I'm the opposite with blog post length, sometimes I worry mine are too long or rambly so I always try to cut them down to make them shorter more succinct?

    Julia // The Sunday Mode