I started the gym back in April because, with a holiday coming up in June, I wanted to start feeling a bit more body confident and, for me, that meant toning up my muscles. Admittedly, I've never been a sporty person so, even a month later, I'd still consider myself as 'plodding along' in the gym and most definitely still learning. Over the time that I have been visiting, I've learnt a few realities and tips about attending the gym.

If you are considering starting the gym or, like me, are eager to learn plenty of tips and tricks for getting the best experience out of it, here are a few tips you should think about:

It Doesn't Have to Break the Bank
This goes right across the spectrum from memberships to gear. I'll start off by saying that there are very often different ways out there to avoid paying the extortionate membership prices, I use the app PayAsUGym which is not only excellent because it has low prices and offers, but because it allows you to pick and choose how you pay and work. For example; there are daily passes in my gym for just £3.00 and that allows me to go and spend however long I wish there for a day. Similarly, and Unlimited Monthly Pass is £21.00 and best of all, there are NO admin fees and it can be cancelled at any time. For me, this is perfect - I'd recommend it to everyone!

On the other hand, there's the expensive gym gear. You may have the money or desire to fork out your life savings on Gym Shark gear and there's no problem with that but, for me, I just want to get into that gym, get sweaty, and come home. I just don't want to spend £100 on items that are only going to need constant machine washing. If you're looking to start the gym and, like me, you're just looking to get sweaty, then head to places like Primark and F&F - they're items are good enough quality and don't cost anywhere near as much.

Remember, Everyone Has to Start Somewhere
This goes out to all those people out there who have put off starting the gym out of nervousness. Believe me, on my first time visiting the gym with my friend, I had crazy butterflies in my belly on the way there but it was so helpful to just remind myself that I was just a beginner. On my first trip, I took my time and if I didn't understand something - I asked. Understandably, you might be reading this thinking: 'Duh?!' but, if you do find yourself anxious in these kinds of new situations, it's 100% beneficial to remind yourself that it's okay to not know what you're doing.

As well as this, don't walk in on your first gym session and start cranking up the treadmill incline or selecting the heaviest weights. Start off steady and work your way up.

Stick to Gradual Increase
As I said previously, rocking up on your first day and lifting twice your body weight is going to do nothing more than break your bones but, nevertheless, this goes for every other trip. You aren't going to build strength or muscle overnight and it is really important for your health that you keep that in consideration. Every time you visit the gym, keep on recording the weight you can lift, or the %incline that you can climb, and so on, then the next time you're there you can try one up and if you can't do it that time, try again the next time. Doing it this way is also a great confidence boost - give it a go.

Get to Know the 'Gym Etiquette' 
I didn't know there was such thing as 'gym etiquette' and honestly, I didn't need to read any novels or articles for these silent rules to fall into place. I guess there is a blend of politeness and common sense of it's own style at the gym - this Art of Manliness article describes the list of things that should and shouldn't be done at the gym. Some of my favourites include: not dropping the weights, not to treat the gym as a social club for you and your friends, and that you shouldn't hog the machines. Here are a few of my own Gym Etiquette rules:

- No Paparazzi
It's alright to snap a pic of your legs on the treadmill to prove to your mates that you've actually taken a break from sitting on the sofa watching Netflix BUT, if you're going to film your squats in the mirror alongside everyone else, people are going to get annoyed with you. Keep that phone camera to a minimum and certainly avoid getting any other humans in the shot at all costs.

- Personal Space Plz
Forgive me for sounding extremely British here but, if there are 15 treadmills set out in a row and every one of them is empty, I certainly do NOT expect you to jump on the treadmill next to me. Unless you're my gym buddy, I require personal space. This one is totally a 'silent rule' in a gym - don't get close and personal unless it's necessary. I mean, you wouldn't want to sit next to a stranger in a cinema of empty seats, so why would you do it in the gym.

- Don't count aloud
Ugh, the last time I visited the gym there was a gentleman going full-on 'ONE-argh. TWO-ohh. THREE-eehe' as if we all wanted to know how many leg curls he was managing to do. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for supporting people and cheering them on, but if I'm working on the machine next to you, the chances are that I'm trying to count my own workout and hearing your numbers and groans is only making me lose track. It's really something that you should keep inside your mind to consider the concentration of those around you.

What are your gym beginners tips and which 'Gym Etiquette'
 rules do you think are the most important?


  1. Loved this post, especially about gym etiquette! Mine would be to wipe down the machines after you're done just to leave it nice for the next person, and to put all your weights etc. away once your done with them! There's always someone at my gym who leaves their foam roller on the mats whilst they use other machines and it's so annoying!

    1. Yes I agree with yours too! It's annoying when people leave the machines a mess!

      Thanks for reading - glad you enjoyed x

  2. I totally need some motivation to exercise. I've only been to the gym once in my life. Now I'm not moving about all the time, it's the perfect time to sign up for a gym membership. I think paying for something is the only way to motivate me to go haha.

    Steph x

    1. Knowing that I'm paying does motivate me but it doesn't always have to be an extortionate amount to pay - take a look at prices and definitely join the gym, it's such a great confidence boost :) x

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