I think, when you have a lot of time to yourself with a lot of food for thought, there are so many questions that I've been asking myself. A few things lingering on my mind.

- Does Bio Oil really work? I've been using it once a day for over a 4 months and, while it makes my skin feel relatively soft a few hours after, there's still pretty visible stretch marks and uneven skin tone and texture. Hmmm...

- Is Pinterest good for me? Is it just making me feel less adequate? All of these stunning homes and interior designs realistically cost a lot of money. I've realised this when I'm renting my first home. Am I just growing up and realising what life is really like? Possibly. You can check out exactly what is inspiring me for my future home in THIS Pinterest board. I'm generally going for a minimalist, Scandi' but similarly cosy vibe.

- Does eating healthier get easier when you live alone? When I live in my own flat, do my own shopping, cook my own meals, surely it will be easier to eat more beneficial foods. Right now, I am forever tempted by the digestive biscuits that Dad brings home and limited to processed food that mum leaves behind. Is it true? Does it really get easier?

- Why are my eyedrops not making a difference? Since miraculously developing a pretty bad cat allergy, I suffer from very dry eyes. It's at the point where, if I touch my eyes (I know, something I shouldn't do) they're bone dry. Eeeek. I put eye drops in and they're either cried straight back out or just dissolved away into nowhere.

- How do students live like that? We've been viewing flats lately and, one thing that has shocked me a lot is how messy the places are. Forgive me and my snobbery, but having piles of clothes on the floor, half used plates balancing on your headboard, and kitchen tops covered in whatever you ate for the past 6 months is just gross. I've already got 5 bottles of multipurpose spray at home waiting for when I move into a new flat. I just couldn't in such a bad environment - how do not feel gross from that?

- Where do I buy beautiful crockery that doesn't break the bank? My dreams are now 90% filled with colourful hand-painted pottery and dinnerware but I just can't find any anywhere that doesn't cost a bomb. I mean, to be honest, I think I'm just a little bit shaken by the price of dinnerware in general. I've gone 18 years of my life, watching bowls come into the house, and never have I ever stopped to think, "FOUR POUND FIFTY FOR A PLAIN WHITE BOWL?!" So, yes, getting me to fulfil my dreams and purchase a full collection of hand-painted crockery may mean I have to grit my teeth and cut back on the Wagamamas.

- Should I really care about word counting? Lately, I think I've been worrying a little bit too much about counting words on my own blog posts. It all comes from a comment on a post months and months ago of someone describing my blog post as a 'nice little post' despite it being around 700 words. Since then, I've often checked up on the word out of my posts before publishing them so that no-one reads it and thinks there's been no thought or effort in it. I'm starting to realise that a short post DOES NOT indicate a lack of thought or meaning. Not all of the greatest novels are the longest novels.

Do you have my answers?
What are you asking lately?


  1. Yes, healthy eating is easier when you live alone. Even if there is nothing in house, my partner will tempt me by suggesting a walk to shops for an ice cream or popping to Burger King. So bad!

    Steph x

    1. Living alone does include being with my partner, just out of the family home, but I am sure I can resist temptation (every now and then ;P)

  2. I feel the same about Pinterest! I feel like I'm supposed to have this mature-looking space even though I'm only 21. Not only that, but my long-distance friends live in bigger spaces so they have these nice, big beds and more than enough storage. But for me, my room is tiny enough that I can't fit my single bed in without it being tucked in a corner! I just remind myself that they're pretty unrealistic expectations, and that, although I don't have much space to work with, that my friends around me have the same-sized rooms (or smaller!).

    1. Yeah, it can definitely have you comparing and it's just not healthy :( I still love using it though haha x