For me, I guess it kind of goes without saying that, now that I know I'm moving out into my OWN place, I am starting to get a little bit (a lot) obsessed with Pinterest and my 'Interior' board is bulking the hell out. Over the past few years I have found my passion for English and, as a lot of you know already, I'm soon heading off to continue learning English at University - however, I'll never let go of my creative side and I've always said that, if all else fails, Interior Design. I love making a place look beautiful and satisfying and, when it comes to design, I can be pretty decisive; if I don't like that plant there, the plant ain't going there, etc. After Jamie and I redecorated his bedroom, you could walk in now and pick out multiple finishing touches that were my own contribution. For example, there's the Monstera plant raised up to a height to make it look more like a houseplant than a weed growing from the floor. Things like this put a sparkle in my eye so the idea of a place where I can release all of this energy is super exciting.

ANYWAY, this is where my wishlist comes into play. While there are one or two random things on my current wishlist, it is mostly interior related things. This will kind of give you an insight into the kind of interior aesthetics that I go for as well as the colour schemes that have already been decided on. So, away we go...

There's only one product in this bit and that's the Michael Badescu Drying Lotion. This product would be perfect help for my little New Year's resolution of not popping spots. Every now and then I get one of those huge aching spots, generally on my forehead and, to be honest, that's kind of all I get. I am generally blessed with half-decent skin (I get fewer spots mainly because I'm more on the 'dry skin' spectrum everywhere else on my face) but, for those devils that appear every couple of weeks, when the going gets tough, I could really do with the supposedly magical Drying Lotion. I've heard very good things about this stuff I'm just waiting until I can justify the cost... one day.

Okay so, the next item was part of my wishlist when I started planning this post but, between now and then, I've actually managed to locate and buy one. This is a Washi Tape Dispenser. Ugh, I know I sound crazy and like a craft nerd but, truth be told, I am. If you don't love washi tape even one little bit then you're lying. And, of course, having a dispenser hold your tapes and make them easier to extract is just a dream come true. I can't wait to get using this more and more for customing my Planner - I've also got some new washi tapes on their way in the post.

It starts with the dining room: I have lately been mooching throughout the libraries of Pinterest and got onto 'cutlery'. I'm kind of torn between simple silver or regal gold, both with no flash design. I'm certainly not the kind of person to go for patterned cutlery but, when it comes to the colour I've been wondering whether to go for silver or gold, matte or shine. I've also got this undecided interest for those black cutlery sets... hmmm, this is going to be a tough decision.

Alongside the cutlery is the crockery and, again, while I love the trusty IKEA plain white plates and dishes, I do have a fancy for colourfully painted crockery; like these from Nicola Spring that is actually sold in Tesco. Obviously, as everyone's dreams are, it's very Anthropolgie-esk. While Anthropologie does sell some of the most beautiful crockeries, I can imagine it's outside not only my own budget, so I'm currently looking for some similar pieces - feel free to recommend some!

Moving on up into the bathroom, I've been interested in what some may deem as the boring bits. The thing that I think is exciting me the most is the shower curtain. If we do choose a flat with a customisable shower curtain I'll be happy because I do feel like a good quality curtain can really change the effect of the room and, while some flats have rather sorry-for-themselves bathrooms, this can really help. I love shower curtains such as this one and this one but, because we do intend to go for navy and gold as our accent colour in the bathroom (as well as wanting to keep it simple and chic) I'm leaning a bit more towards this navy H&M shower curtain. What do you think?

It's definitely important to think about finishing touches when it comes to small space interior. I've been lusting over hexagonal mirrors. They sell one in Tesco and, ever time I pass it, I contemplate buying it - eventually, I will just give into my heart and do it.

As well as this, I'm going full-on blogger-mode with an eye for eucalyptus decor. I've seen images floating around Pinterest of how people are shaping eucalyptus around mirrors and embroidery hoops (like this) if you know me and my keen eye for craft, you'll understand that this is the kind of thing that I would love to get hands-on with and have a go myself. The colour of eucalyptus, and in fact all houseplants, is just gorgeous. Jamie loves having plants in the home, so we do intend to incorporate that into our design. In respect to this, I thought a forest green would be a suitable accent colour for the bedroom. If you find anything online that you think would suit this colour choice, do let me know.

What interior, beauty, or lifestyle pieces are
you lusting over lately?


  1. Heard really good things about that drying lotion, get post!xo

    1. I'm not the only one that's heard good things then - I think I might treat myself for my birthday next month :)

  2. i am obsessed with hexagonal mirrors! i think they are soooo aesthetically pleasing! also the washi tape dispenser is so cute!!

    amelia xx

    1. Isn't it just! I'm actually a bit torn between hexagonal and circular mirrors - they're both just as pretty :P x