Whether you've been following my little blog since the very start, or just found me on Instagram last week and came for a snoop around here today, you may or may not know that, after an almost 6 month break from my blog to focus on A Levels, I started this back up in July. The past 6 months have been so incredible for me in terms of how well my blog has grown. My instagram gained a crazy 600+ following in 6 months, my Twitter surpassed the 1.5k mark, I hosted my first ever giveaway after I finally got to 500 Bloglovin' followers and, most importantly, I discovered my niche. My blog was always a bit of a mismatch place that, I felt, had no real substance and didn't honestly reflect my creativity and personality to it's full potential - this year, my content changed and is finally exactly how I wish to reflect myself. 
But along with numbers and changes, there's been so many amazing opportunities given to me this year, even in the past 6 months. From being a brand ambassador for Botanics, attending 2 blogger events, and posting my first ever Sponsored Post with Panasonic. It really makes me feel like, if that is what can happen in 6 months, it must be amazing what is to come.

I'd love to take this moment now to say 'Thank you'. Every time someone likes my Instagram picture, clicks on my blog link, leaves a little comment, or even DMs me, I honestly feel so grateful. I know, coming from someone who doesn't have the most followers or views, it seems easy, but they're the things that spur me on. When I watch my Instagram photo exceed 100 likes, I'm sat at home thinking 'I took that photo, and people have took time to double tap it'. It means a lot to me, so thank you all so much.

So, this time I've decided to share the posts that people have been loving this past year. If you are new here, you can view the content that others have been loving the most and, if you are one of my regular visitors, you can look back on this years 'best' content.

This blog post went down pretty well which, honestly, I was a little bit surprised at because I was actually nervous to upload it. There was a lot of opinion in that post and, while I tried to keep it sensible and unbiased, there was the inevitable fear that someone would take it the wrong way. But, fortunately, everyone seemed to love it. I have to say, there's an extra few ounces of pride with this one because, when I read it back, it is recognised as some of my best/favourite pieces of writing. Is that vein? Who cares!

I think one of the reasons why this blog post is on the list is because, when I was searching for inspiration on Star Sign DIY Projects, there wasn't really much out there. The items made in this post were pretty much just out of my own creativity and I think it's maybe filled a little bit of a gap on the Internet... who knows.

This one was a picture heavy blog post that, after also being shared by some of the lovely Body Shop staff, did pretty well for views. The evening itself was so super fun, I love having that post there to look back on for memories and I'm glad that my readers enjoy it too.

Now, of all of them, this is the most surprising one. When I read back my Stats I wasn't expecting to see this cute little travel-photo diary blog post at NUMBER TWO! Again, this picture heavy post was one of those 'document it, let other people enjoy it, read it back in a few years time and remember good times' posts. However, I think that the reason why this post was as successful as it was is because I did put a little twist into it. Instead of doing the old 'I did this. Then, I did that. It was good.' I decided to discuss exactly why this trip away was a special one.

The most popular blog post of 2017 goes to this 'How I Edit & Theme my Instagram' which came a few weeks after I'd finally settled and became content with my 'theme' for my content. As a few people had been mentioning to me that they liked my edits, I decided to share my 'tips' and the two apps that I use on for my pictures and, as it seems, a lot more than a few people wanted to know what I do. 

Which of my blog posts over the past year have you enjoyed the most?


  1. Wow, I LOVED your post "Why I Don't Vlog." I found it so relatable. I like making videos as a hobby but I'm definitely not going to be one of those "vloggers" or YouTubers or whatever, it takes a lot of work and I feel like YouTube alone is actually quite whimsy and unsteady as a platform. I also have some insecurities regarding my voice, so that's a factor as well. Very interesting and well-written, thanks for sharing and being so honest, I love that I came across it!
    Also, I adore your photos. Have a lovely week! xo

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you so so much for your kind words - I'm so glad you enjoyed it x

  2. I loved this post, and I wish all the best for 2018! Xx