It's actually been a LONG while since I did a little catch-up, general chat, over here on my blog and, after a short absence on social media and not managing to get a blog post up when I'd planned, I thought the best thing to do next is a little update. 

If you follow me on on Instagram, you'll know that I haven't been particularly well over the past few days but, while many onlookers are assuming it's the flu that seems to be going about, I've actually been suffering from an infection. I don't wish to go into detail because that's not the point - I just feel that, while I've given myself a little bit of a hard time for not posting daily on Instagram, tweeting and interacting, or putting a blog post up, realistically I should let myself go. Jamie reminded me yesterday. 'you're your own boss'. It's easy to feel like the popularity and success of your blog depends on your frequency and devotion but sometimes human nature can get the better of us and that's just completely out of my control.

Anyhow, the past week has been a funny one - a somewhat rollercoaster of emotions. The week started off with pleasantly high spirits and productivity. I mean, check this out, I even did a work out on Wednesday. Recently I have found myself becoming inspired by my surroundings to write. For me, this is big. Creative writing is something that I've always enjoyed since I was young and, after losing touch with it during 3 years of learning and exams, I seem to be getting spontaneous prompts. I plan to get these things down on paper and, hopefully, get writing again. I just feel like there's this vision in the back of my head that I could publish a series of short stories once upon a time. Let's see how things go. 

As well as this, my days off have consisted of errands. One being the 'spring clean' of my bedroom. This included getting my box of makeup and finally letting go of some of the makeup that I just didn't need or use. When I began doing this, I was challenged with the fact that a lot of the makeup that I never use are products that were only gently used and binning them would be a sin. Because of this, I headed over to Twitter to get advice on what to do with these goods. I found out that, unfortunately, nowhere in my area was advertising a way to donate used makeup so my only option was to see who wanted it. Luckily, I found Lauren-Anne who was prepared to take some of this off my hands. I am so happy that I can send these bits off to a good home instead of wasting it all.

Meanwhile, and on a more random note, I'm back into watching the Saccone Jolys at the moment. I stopped watching their YouTube videos just because I didn't have the time but now, every morning with my breakfast, I watch the vlog from the previous evening. Also, I have found a love for Ted Ed videos. Again, random, but as someone who really enjoys learning, those videos genuinely excite me - especially any related to 'English Language'. 

However, the week ended on quite a low-low. The effects of my infection started to creep in - I was experiencing low mood and fatigue and a driving lesson is definitely not what I needed. Having survived a drive without not crying, I still wasn't myself. My driving instructor could clearly see that I was feeling frustrated and, let's be honest, just fed up. When it comes to driving, I have no patience. I hate how every lesson I will do something wrong that I was doing right the lesson before. My test is soon and I think that, as it begins to loom, I am putting more and more pressure on myself. Putting pressure and having little faith is something that, in general, I really struggle to get to grips with - it looks like I'm going to have to really try hard to stay collected these next few weeks.

Yesterday and Friday were the days when my infection really took it's toll so I really did take the opportunity to rest and, honestly, have a good cry to get those built up emotions out. Now, however, I'm clearing up. Medicines are kicking in and I'm almost completely without pain. Things are starting to look up for the next week.

My plans for the upcoming days are to go on a morning nature walk every day for 5 days. As Jamie is doing evening shifts next week, and I'm still on the job hunt for the second week, we have planned to get some fresh air and explore new places every day - we're actually really excited. As well as this, we'll be running errands and helping each other with our hobbies; including photography for Jamie's Etsy

Anyhow, this afternoon we're off on a little date to celebrate 2 years together. Cute.

What are your plans next week?
Did you enjoy reading this little catch-up post?


  1. Really sorry to hear you haven't been well recently, I know it's probably not the same thing but I have an infection in my wind pipe which I got before Christmas which still hasn't buggered off yet and it can be so draining when you've got so much you want to do but just feel so worn out from it but definitely don't give yourself a hard time and glad to hear the medicines are kicking in now, I hope you feel much better soon :)
    I also found learning to drive frustrating too, hearing you say about doing something wrong that you did right the week before was like reading my own experience haha, it is exactly what I felt like, it's so frustrating isn't it! But it will pay off in the end and you'll be whizzing about in no time :) if it's any consolation, it took me 4 attempts to pass my test, I'm sure you'll do far better than I did haha :D
    I also think the short stories idea sounds great! Would you be posting it on your blog? I'd love to read any if you do decide to :) & happy 2 year anniversary to you both, hope you enjoyed your date night :)

    Apologies for my essay of a comment haha, I just came across your blog today and I absolutely love it! Your photography and writing style is amazing, a new follow from me, a fellow North East lass ;)


    1. I hope you are feeling better soon too! Thank you so much for your consideration. In terms of short stories, I don't quite have a plan yet - I'll see ow things go, and even if I can find the time to write.

      Thank you so much for your lovely, kind comment. I am so happy that you enjoyed reading this and that you like my photography :)

  2. I hope you're feeling better soon.

    I felt the same about driving, I would get so frustrated with myself and also feel pretty nervous. Now I've almost been past for two years, have driven 12 cars (I haven't crashed any of them haha), driven in four countries, both sides of the road, both manual and automatic cars and I can parallel park like a boss. It all works out!

    Enjoy your walks!

    Steph x

    1. Wow, 12 cars!! I won't be getting a car as soon as I pass, I'll be waiting until after Uni so I wont have driven 1 car in 2 years, never mind 12 - hahaha!!