When the word of 'mindfulness' first appeared in front of me, it rang a notion of calmness and serenity. And I wasn't wrong. I think it took me a while, after reading the word somewhere, to actually decide: 'Right, I need to learn what this is and put it into practice'. 

From my own experience, mindfulness isn't something that you can switch on and off and, actually, if you wish to introduce it in your day to day life, it can be quite a skill to continue. For me, what mindfulness means is taking a moment out of your life to look after your mind and settle. Think of it as a nap for the brain where you're aware of what you're doing in that moment and can take away any negative build up from throughout your day. 

There are a few little activities that I rely on to bring me that feeling of mindfulness and, while I don't always get time to practice them every day (or even every week), I do know that they, bit by bit, can help heal my brain and give it that little extra TLC that it sometimes needs.

One Line A Day
I can't actually believe that my One Line a Day book has almost been going for 2 years! I've kept it up! Admittedly, there have been times when I haven't filled it in for a loooong time and I've had to scour through my photo albums, my calendar, or my tweets to see what happened that day but, good news is: it's there! Everyday says something and I'm proud of that. 
The reason why the One Line A Day books are so valuable when it comes to mindfulness really depends on how you choose to use it. Personally, I decided to refrain myself from writing negative things in this book. Everyday I write something that happened that day but I make sure it's something positive. This way I can ensure that, when reflecting on the day, I'm always looking for the greener grass.

Colouring Books & Reading
I put these two together because I feel like they provide the same kind of mindful affect - that's the feeling of distraction. When life gets a little bit too much, too hectic, or you're feeling a little lonely, sometimes being distracted and taking your mind of things to concentrate on something else can really benefit the brain. 
Colouring books are particularly useful for this because there's a sense of achievement when it's completed. This diverts your brain away from the troubles of life and more towards the desire to complete and feel proud of your achievement at the end. 
Similarly, reading takes your mind into a different world. For this one, I would recommend positive books. Whether you like it or not, some of the cheesiest, most cliche storylines are the best for your brains. They're easy to take in, there's often some loveable characters and, hopefully, are less likely to leave you bombarded with obscure philosophical theories (or whatever is likely to really get the brain working). Remember, invest yourself in the colouring or the book. Be aware of the characters or the way you keep the colours inside the lines and let only those thoughts distract you.

It doesn't matter if you're going on a walk through a forest or just around town; lifting your head up, opening your eyes to what is around you, and taking a stroll in somewhere you enjoy is well known to be one of the best mindfulness activities. 
If you're having a wander through a local forest, take a look at the trees that you pass and try to identify each type. Or watch out at the bottom of tree trunks to see if you can spot any mushrooms. 
When you're next in town, look at the logo's on the shop signs, look for architectural buildings above the windows, watch the lives and pathways of others pass you by.
The mindfulness in this is to not let your mind wander too much and to think creatively. This is where 'thinking outside of the box' comes in really handy however sometimes it's about enjoying the little things - what's in front, below, around and above you? Taking a mindful walk is like feeding your brain and is fantastic if you need a little distraction. Just make sure you don't let your mind wander.

Positive Quotes
This one might sound a bit obvious but, I have genuinely found that exposing myself to positivity makes me more positive yourself - even if that just comes from words on paper. 
However you wish to display your favourite quotes (which are easy to find on Pinterest), whether that's on a Pin Board, a light-up box, your screensaver, or painted right across your bedroom wall, make sure that when you're reading that quote every morning, you're being mindful. It's amazing what a few words can do if you really let them impact you and mean something to you. For example; one of my current favourite quotes is 'Alice had to fall down a hole before she got to Wonderland'. Obviously, one of the reasons why this is so close to my heart is because it's Alice, OK, we're over that bit. Most importantly, it makes me feel like I can power on. If I'm going through a rough patch then that means I'm still falling but, when I reach the bottom, it'll be completely worth it. 
Quotes like these that can be applied to any situation and interpreted to personalise yourself and your most current worries are the really special ones and, if you can use them to encourage yourself positively, then you're taking one step closer to a happier mind.

What mindfulness ideas do you use to keep a healthy mind?


  1. I love this! Walks really help me too. I'd love to try the one line a day journal, I might pop it on my Christmas list and give it a go xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

    1. I'm pretty sure they've currently got some gorgeous designs on the One Lines, you should definitely pop it on the list :)

  2. Love your tip on "One Line A Day" journals (I didn't event know about them)! I feel like they would work extremely well with daily expressions of gratitude. Xx
    Alix from Mindful Hygge

    1. 100%, I really try to keep mine positive - I think it's a great practice of mindfulness :)

  3. I've started One Line A Day this year and am using it as a gratitude journal. I write something I'm grateful for every day. I love it. I also love having a positive quote as a screensaver.

    Steph x

    1. Yeah that's a fab idea - I have a few friends who have the screensaver quotes and they always share the best ones with me which I really enjoy :P x