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This weekend, Jamie and I decided to take a day out to a new place that we'd never visited before. We took the 1 hour drive to Thorp Perrow with the intention to have a look around, take a few pictures, Meet the Owls, and join in with a guided Mushroom Hunt. We were super lucky to get such lovely crisp weather with the low sunshine coming through the trees - this was captured so beautifully in some of the pictures taken that day. I was truly blown away by the forest and abundance of grand, old trees across this huge park - I could've spent the whole day taking pictures if I had the time. 
Meeting all of the birds was fantastic - animals never fail to impress me and make me smitten. The bird shows 'Meet the Owls' and 'Flying Display' were brilliant and really showed off the fantastic traits of the animals. Our mushroom hunt was great too; there was so many people there and it really didn't feel 'nerdy' or 'weird', everyone was having a great time, involving eachother and just being so friendly. There was less of a sense of 'that's my mushroom, I found it' and more of 'Wow you did an awesome job finding that one'. I loved that atmosphere and would gladly join again next year.
All in all, I'd definitely re-visit Thorp Perrow. While I was least impressed with the Tea-Rooms and state of the toilets, the forest and animals were something that I could never get tired of.

Anyway, instead of writing a lengthy post about mushrooms and trees, here's a bunch of photos for you to look at from the day. Enjoy!

Have you ever visited Thorp Perrow?


  1. These photos are so dreamy! I've never been on a mushroom hunt before. That's pretty cool! It sounds like you had a really nice time!


    1. Honestly, mushroom hunting sounds crazy and weird but, once you get into it, it's so much fun :P x

  2. This left me feel so Autumnal! Wonderful pictures also & your day sounds like so much fun!

    1. Yey! That's exactly the vibe that everyone needs :) x

  3. looks like you had a great day!