It was a short while ago now that I was gifted Gel Nail Polishes by Classy Nails UK after finding their brand from a Blogger Outreach on Twitter. The communication between the PR team was lovely and, after having the freedom to choose 4 colours of my choice, they arrives pretty swiftly.

The colours that I chose were Pink Flush, Perfect Pink, Peach Sorbet, and Orange Passion. First of all, as lovely as the colours were that I received, Perfect Pink and Peach Sorbet were not as pictured on the website. I know, this is not just a problem from Classy Nails - any nail varnish is difficult to depict on screen. The hot pink colour that I received (Perfect Pink) was shown on the website as a paler, softer pink and the Peach sorbet was more of a brown nude, but shown on the website as a purple toned nude. Despite that, I was happy with my colours and got over that blip.

The website was easy to navigate, each polish is sectioned by colour, and they also offer great 'Starter packs' for if you don't have an existing gel kit at home. Each nail polish is individually boxed and, when arrived, was packaged securely and nicely.

On the side of each box, the polish claims to be 'Easy On and Off', 'No Chips or Scratches', 'No nail damage' and 'Fast Drying time' but, most importantly: '14+ DAYS'. The box also has a great set of directions on the back.

Before I share my opinions of the Classy Nails Gel Polishes, I do wish to throw a little disclaimer out there. I am not a professional nail artist. I used the Sensationail Gel Polish Kit meaning, I used their lamp, nail primer, top/base coat and after treatment. When wearing these nail varnishes I did not come into any unnecessary contact with hot water or take part in any tasks that were particularly labouring on my hands.

The first time I used these polishes was for this hot pink design. Each nail had 3 coats of gel polish (which is fairly average because they should be applied in thin layers), then the ring finger also had a few coats of the Pink Flush glitter gel polish. I liked this look but would definitely apply the glitter with a sponge next time because my nail turned out to be about 3mm thick after applying lots of coats. Schoolboy error.

I was satisfied with the easy application process and the shine that I saw at the end. I took this gel polish off my nails exactly 14 days after applying it however, when taking it off, there was only actually three nails left with polish on as the rest had already split and peeled off. I was a little disappointed.

The next design that I did after letting my damaged slightly nails relax and breathe for two more weeks was this nude to glitter fade one. I was totally in love with this design and couldn't stop looking at it. Application took a little bit longer as the thin nude colour needed a few coats but this time I used a sponge to apply my glitter and found it a lot better. I was complimented on this design at my Blogger Event on the evening of the day I did them - I was over the moon.

Unfortunately, I was really upset to see that just over 24 hours later, my nails had began to peel off. My nails were peeling from the end, where the glitter was, which is somewhat unexpected. The entirety of my nail design was completely gone after around 3 days and I was gutted.

Admittedly, the problem could be down to multiple factors (the polish, the Sensationail kit, my application, my nail type, etc) but these polishes just aren't the kind that I would wear for a 2 week holiday. The have a brilliant shine and finish to them that you can't get from normal nail varnish, but they just last the same amount of time. I will continue to use these, but sadly with low expectations.

To wrap this up, the claims on the box are a mixture of right and wrong. Yes, the polish is 'Easy On and Off' but, just perhaps too easy to get off. There were 'No Chips or Scratches' but I always felt that the finish was too silcone-like to be chipped. My nails were slightly damaged after removal and last of all, I think claiming that a gel polish has a 'Fast Drying time' is completely unnecessary as LED and UV lamps have select drying times, no matter what the type of polish it is. As you know, the '14+ days' just doesn't even go near.

Let me know your favourite brand of Gel Nail Polish!


  1. The second one is really pretty, too bad it started to peel off after 24 hours. But I really love the design, I will try to do it too!! x


    1. It's super easy to do, especially if you use a makeup/dense sponge to apply the glitter :) x

  2. Great review!


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