When it comes to star signs, for me they are less about the horoscopes and fortune telling, more about the way you can look up to the sky in search of your own, the beauty of the geometrical art, and the characteristics in which they give a person. I love embracing my own star sign, Pisces, so I have decided to pair up with the wonderful Jade to share a few DIY star sign projects that you can do to embrace your star sign. While I'm doing the arts and crafts, Jade is looking into the characteristics and traits of a Pisces and together we have created a poem; you can check that out here.

For this project I designed 3 different items, each with 3 different star signs. Here's what I did:

The first item is an embroidery hoop showing the Pisces star sign. These hanging decorations would make perfect gifts and cost next to nothing. I think one particularly cute use for this would be a 'New Baby' gift - perfect for hanging in the baby's bedroom. 
The equipment that you'll need for this DIY is thread (any colour you desire - I chose white because it contrasts perfectly with the black fabric), fabric (again any colour you like - the black fabric that I used is actually a pillow case; you don't have to spend lots on this), a needle, and a hoop. Hoops can be found in local craft stores just about everywhere and will range from around £2-£5, depending on the size you wish to create. 
In terms of actually creating the decoration, it's so simple. Tightly secure your fabric into the hoop but don't worry if it's not perfect because it will need re-tightening at the end as stitching can move stuff around. The next tip is to separate your embroidery thread. It's most ideal to use 3 strand embroidery as 6 strand can often be too thick and leave ugly holes in your fabric. Especially with a delicate and thoughtful DIY like this one, having thinner thread will improve the detail of the finished look.
After you've mapped out the star sign with a pencil or tailor's chalk, you can go ahead and add in the crosses at each point where a main star would be. Don't be afraid to use one long piece of thread to do every cross, as long as you go in a uniform direction it should still look fine at the back.
When I was connecting the crosses together, I used a plain forward stitch and made sure that each time I stopped at a cross, I was directly in the centre of it; this gives a more continuous look to the finished item. Then, simply tighten your fabric and that is ALL you need to do. It's so simple, quick, and makes an adorable little decoration.
To complete it you can tack stitch the frilly edges outside of the hoop together so that they are hidden around the back of the hoop. Alternatively, you could leave these out and cut them shorter so that they look pretty, you could back the hoops (you can find tutorials for this on YouTube), but just don't cut the fabric all the way down to the edge of the hoop because you could really struggle to re-tighten the fabric again incase it loosened again. 

This next one is a card with a Virgo sign, perfect for Birthday's. It requires parcel paper, black card/paper, gel pens of any colour (for this design I chose silver), a plain card and glue.
The first thing I did was cover the front page of my card with parcel paper. The card that I had was a pre-folded card that comes with plain envelopes, but you can make your own. As well as that, you can also choose to cover the front cover in any colour/pattern paper you like. I chose parcel paper for this design because I feel it compliments the black paper and suits the personality of the person receiving the card.
To stick the paper onto the front, you can use glue, double sided tape, washi tape, or even a double sided foam tape to make the paper stand out. I used double sided sticky tape and found it really useful. 
Once you've cut your black paper to the desired shape and size, you can plot out the points of the star sign with a pencil then add gel pen. With this design, you can shape the stars any way that you wish. I chose to do crosses again but you could do dots, squares, star shapes, etc. After that, using a ruler, connect the stars with the gel pen and add dots around the star sign to represent surrounding stars (optional). In the free space, I added the name of the star sign to finish it off.
The black paper can be stuck onto the card and Voila! you're done!


The next card design, featuring a Libra star sign, is very similar to the previous card but requires a bit more equipment. On top of the previous items, you will need a hole punch, Washi tape, and glue or sticky labels.
After backing the card with parcel paper, cutting the black paper, and plotting your stars with a pencil you can then go and connect the dots with a gel pen. This time, you have to connect the dots before you put the main stars onto the design. You can use any colour gel pen that you wish but it will look especially great if it matches the colour of your Washi tape.
Next, cover a sticky label with Washi tape and punch multiple holes out of it using the hole punch (at this point, keep the back of the label on; don't take it off). You now have lots of mini stickers so peel off their backs and stick them at every point of a main star on the star sign. Alternatively, if you don't have sticky labels, you could stick the tape to paper and use glue to stick down the circles. Just like the previous card, glue the black card paper onto the card and you're done!
I particularly LOVE this design as the gold Washi tape that I used shines perfectly in different lights.

These star sign DIY Projects are so adorable, I would definitely love to receive a card like this just as much as I loved making them.

Let me know if you try out any of these DIYs and what you think of the
 Pisces Poem over on Jade's blog.

Happy Crafting!


  1. These a bloody gorgeous and love this idea!! What a great DIY!!
    a life of a charlotte

  2. These would make a great gift too, if you were selling these - I would buy


    1. Ooo, keep an eye out on my social media and I might just do that ;)

  3. Wow, totally new DIY. I don't know much, but I haven't seen something like this... awesome idea and it turned out really really good!! I like simple black and white, but gold did add some spice to it :)

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

    1. Tbh, a lot of these ideas where brought from my own mind because there really isn't enough star sign things out there hahah x

  4. giiirl you are so creative, these are absolutely gorgeous! i'm not the biggest believer in star signs - i don't really read horoscopes etc, but i do love my star sign (scorpio), just like you kind of always love your birth month, just because. so i've got some artwork in my room of my star sign that i bought online, i'd loooove to add one of these little cross stitches to my room too because it's so adorbs, i just don't think mine would look as cute as yours would due to my severely lacking sewing skills haha!

    katie. xx lacoconoire.com

    1. Honestly, you DO NOT need to be a tailor to rustle up that little embroidery decoration. Give it a go, you might just make a breakthrough :P

      Thank you x

  5. These are such cool little projects to do! I love astrology home decor, so I'm definitely going to have to give these a go! Thanks for sharing. :)