Guess who's back? 

Random favourites are back this month! Whoop! Whoop!

I've been really enjoying watching the IT Crowd. It's something I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy but it's actually hilarious. I've decided to really pace myself, so I'm currently only just starting the third and final series. I'd definitely recommend it for anyone looking for an easy-to-watch comedy this summer.

I've been constantly wearing my Penhaligon's Elizabethan Rose perfume since Christmas and I adore it. I get plenty of compliments when I wear it and it can most definitely stay on my clothes all day. I am a sucker for a rose scent and this one is almost like wearing rose water. I'm in love with it.

My nail varnish love this month is the Rimmel 60seconds Super Shine in the colour Rose Libertine (is there a bit of a rose theme going on here?). This is a dusty coral/pink shade which I've been loving as a subtle colour just to add soft details to my hand. 

In June, I was mostly using the Makeup Revolution E102 Angled Shadow brush to blend out eyeshadow pretty much all the time. It's super soft with a great handle for grip. The angled style makes blending from the crease of your eye so easy and fluent. I'd love to try out more Makeup Revolution brushes eventually.

After trying out a couple of Matte Lip Creams, I've come to decide that my favourite is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Stockholm. Matte and Me don't really like each other, my lips exist as dry 24/7 and Matte Lip creams desire to gather and stick to my lips. However, I seemed to find a suitable way of making this one work. I apply a thin layer of creme then cover my open lips with a split tissue and dust over a translucent powder, this does the trick and I can successfully wear the lipstick. The shade of this is also a shade that I don't already have: an orange-y nude.  

I rekindled a fancy for Nutella in June and discovered that I quite like raspberries (I know, it's taken me this long).

The app 'Swing' has got me hooked recently too. It's an app made by Ketchapp who make the most amazingly simplisticly designed yet challenging games. I have the urge to just buy every one of their apps. At the moment, 'Swing' seems to be my thing; it really makes you think and there's the opportunity to collect 50 different characters.

In June, I started up my first Depop shop. I am selling clothes that I no longer want and offering personalised greeting cards. Head on over to my page and take a look at all of the cheap items that I'm selling. So far, I'm really enjoying Depop, feel free to follow me. If you follow me from here, let me know and I'll follow back.

June was a good month in general. I finished my first year of college and exams, I discovered new recipes and enjoyed multiple days out with my friends and family.

So, that's what June brought. 
What did you enjoy in June?

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