In May, I visited Mog On The Tyne for the second time. Mog On The Tyne is a cat cafe located in Newcastle. The first time I went was in October; the cats were pretty much  just leaving kittenhood then and were super adorable. Upon my revisit, I realised that the fresh, hyper kittenness may have disappeared and they might have turned into the true nature of sulky, sleepy cats. Much to my fortune, the cats had grown bigger and fluffier but still maintained that mischievous junior behaviour.

On my first visit, I didn't have the chance to try out the food in the cafe. This time, my boyfriend and I shared a chorizo and chicken panini. The food was delicious and well put together. The staff are wonderful. They come around tables to give you a handful of treats to give the cats. Also, a lovely lady brought a cat over to snuggle up between my boyfriend and I. The team at the cafe are so kind and really succeed in making the atmosphere as tranquil and friendly as possible.

The entry for the cafe is £5 for a one-hour session, quite the price, but I definitely think that there is a sense of novelty and it is definitely the kind of experience that you'll always remember.

Have you ever visited a Cat Cafe?