Scenery in Grindavik

Þingvellir - Tectonic Plates Boundary

Gullfoss Waterfall

The Sun Voyager

Kerið - Volcanic Crater

Skogafoss Waterfall

Visiting Geysir

I'm still slightly in awe over the fact that I was lucky enough to visit Iceland. It was such a surreal and excellent experience - I will definitely be going back in the future.

What I did:
- We arrived pretty early so, after checking in at your apartment (Reykjavik4You Apartments - an excellent place to stay), we explored the streets of downtown Reykjavik. 
- On the evening, we went to Apotek restaurant as part of the Food & Fun festival - this 6-course meal was absolutely delicious. 
- The next day we visited the 'Farmer's Market' in Harpa to enjoy the celebrations of the Food & Fun Festival. We walked along the bay then hopped in the car and headed for The Blue Lagoon. 
- Next, we woke up early and embarked on a 9hour self-drive journey around The Golden Circle and other locations. Upon this, we saw the tectonic plates boundary, Geysir, Gullfoss, Kerith Volcanic Crater, Skogafoss and captured a view of the infamous volcano: Eyjafjallajökull. 
- Our last day was pretty chilled, we gobbled a delicious lunch in a Bistro in town then strolled the streets. I got a delicious slice of chocolate cake in a popular cafe: The Laundromat. 
- Flying home. Definitely didn't say goodbye for the last time. 

I would mostly recommend the Geysirs, the Waterfalls and downtown Reykjavik. Also, hiring a car is an excellent idea as locations are usually quite far apart and you get the freedom of going wherever you, whenever you want.

The people are also very pleasant and the country is very tourist friendly; most of the residents speaking extremely well English.

What would you make of an Icelandic getaway?


  1. I loved reading this! Looks like you had fabulous time-the places you visited look stunning X
    Lucy X

    1. Thank you - I did have a fabulous time I would definitely recommend it :) x

  2. Oh wow what an experience, I couldn't handle all the snow though I would be freezing.

    Meme xx

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    1. The cold wasn't too bad, to be honest. When you've packed for the wintery extremes and you're keeping busy, you don't tend to get as cold as you'd think. Also, people never really realise how lushly heated the buildings are - it's a great place :)

  3. These photos are breathtaking!
    Blog: sundaysaresunny.com

    1. Thank you - it's the place that makes them :)