Catch Up Sessions #4

I'm back, again. I am aware that I have been leaving gaps in my blog this year, but it is solely because 2015 is a very big year of challenge and change for me. I sat exams, had a very long summer, and started college.

Most recently, I started college. I am studying English Language, English Literature, Media Studies and Art at A-Level and it is a very big change. I've had my ups and downs whilst dealing with the change but I'm working towards a clearer and more steady mind. 

I completely missed September on this blog but I haven't really done much, I've just mostly been getting through college. I am hoping to kickstart my blog back up to normal.

Autumnal Bedding - George Home // £12
'Happy' Cushion - Next // £12
Mustard Cord Cushion - George Home // £7

I threw my bedroom into Autumn this month and, after craving it all summer, it feels great to bathe in the warm glows of oranges and other warm, autumn-y colours. This bedding is especially gorgeous and I think the 'Happy' cushions really injects positivity into the cold, frosty mornings. 

Also, I have been buzzing around in my box of candles, raking out the christmas scents (sorry, not sorry) and being hypnotised by the dreamy aroma of Salted Caramel. There's nothing getting me back off this Autumn bandwagon anymore. 

My friends and I visited The Olde Young Tea house for Afternoon Tea. The food was so delicious, along with the vintage and chilled atmosphere - I definitely recommend this to anyone in the area. 

We also visited Mog On The Tyne! This very popular cat cafe was fantastic. The cats were friendly and playful, along with the yummy food. It's such a brilliant idea; I am delighted to have been able to visit.

I'm desperate to get back to blogging a lot more often, but it is something that I am struggling to gather motivation for, so thanks for sticking along.

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  1. Good luck at college. I did three years so if you need any advice, tweet me and we can have a chat xx

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

  2. Good luck at college - I'm in Year 13 at the moment! It's stressful but it will be ok ;)

    - Jess xxx


  3. Your bed is so cute and autumnal! I saw the same bedding in Zoella's vlogs and instantly fell in love with the little woodland creatures. Best of luck with exams

    1. Yeah, I got this long ago and I knew that Zoe would get it :p
      Thank you x

  4. Love you bedding, might have to buy that 'happy' cushion. Good luck at college!


    1. The 'happy' cushion is a must have - I sometimes feel like it can act as a bit of a mood lifter :p
      Thank you x