1 Year On: Cambridge Satchel Review

I got my Cambridge Satchel on my birthday last year and now that March has arrived it's getting closer to my next birthday (18th March) meaning I will have had my satchel for a year.

When I first got my satchel I posted about it (that was in my early blogging stages, oh dear). Basically, it's an 11" satchel in the colour 'vintage' and is £99.00.  It's a hard leather bag but it really is leather and skilfully made.

Advantages and disadvantages:

  • This colour is so-o-o gorgeous and compliments a great casual outfit.
  • It's not heavy and the strap isn't too wide that it weighs down.
  • It's very secure because the buckles are genuine (no hidden magnets)
  • I love the way the Cambridge satchel logo is on the back so you can prove to people it's an actual satchel.
  • A piece like this is something to treasure and is a great traditional bag.
  • The leather is really soft to touch on the outside.
  • You get compliments when you wear it.
  • They are available in a hu-u-uge range of colours and designs.
  • It's very thin. I don't know if they get thicker as bigger but I can't fit much into this bag. 
  • It takes a while to get into if you're in a rush due to buckling.
  • I have to wedge whatever is in there, together to stop it all rattling as I walk, but I think I'm just picky.
  • The leather on the straps on my buckles is getting weak.

I know these satchels might not be for everyone but I am so glad that I have mine and I will proudly wear it for years and keep it to show my grandchildren. They are definitely worth their big price and I totally have my eyes on the pink ones and the new shoulder bags.

If you're looking to get one of these then I completely recommend them, they are lovely.

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