Box Swap With Katie

I recently did my first box swap with my blogging friend Katie. We arranged to do it just after Christmas so that we had something to look forward to. We swapped sooner than we planned (I was overly eager) but both boxes turned out to be great! 

For those who don't know what a box swap is: it's where you fill a box full of items that the other person will like (beauty products for a beauty blogger) and swap it. I know it just sounds like the average birthday present but box swaps that take place between bloggers often are international or from different parts of the country. Katie and I live in the same country so our box swap was a lot quicker - and cheaper. 

You can check out the contents of the box that I gave Katie on her blog and see what she thought about the goodies inside. 

These are the things that I received in my lovely box off Katie :)

A ring from accessorize. 
A while back when we went shopping together I pointed out how gorgeous this ring was and that I barely wear rings and want to more often. Katie obviously managed to remember. 

A candle lantern, which is from IKEA. It is sooo sweet and Katie put 3 pink tee-lights in that smell really fresh and floral. She knows how much a love candles and I love the concept if this lantern. 

A Mavala nail polish in Riga. A Mavala nail polish was featured in my 2013 favourites and this pink colour is sooo sweet. 

A Cath Kidston mirror in my favourite pattern. It's extremely weird because I actually nearly bought this from Katie's box.

The MUA palette is a palette that a lot of bloggers say they love and I was so pleased to find this in my box. I'm not a professional with eye shadow so this is great for a starter.
The Collection eye shadow pencil is also great for those who are starting off their adventures of eye shadow. It's a lot dryer than I expected but really easy to apply and the colour of this is cute and a lovely colour for the spring and summer.
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer is another product that everyone raves about. This and an eye shadow pencil were both on my 2014 wish-list. I will review these products properly once I've got into using them more but so far the concealer is great.

Blogger was being stubborn and it was difficult to get this image on.

In the box there was a present labelled 'crafting' and it was a love heart shaped tin. Inside was 3 decorative tape roles, 3 rose button (which are very adorable), white lace ribbon and 3 Lindor chocolates - but I ate them. Katie knows that I'm a really crafty person and love to make things.

There was also a bag of Caramel Nibbles but I've half eaten them ;)

Box swaps are great ideas and great fun. I would recommend anyone to do them with another blogger. I'm sooo happy with the gifts in my box.

Thank you Katie :)


  1. The cath Kidston looks really pretty and would also be helpful for a Pocket mirror to take to school etc!:) Charlotte Xox

    1. Yeah, I'm actually keeping it on my bed side table :)

  2. That polish and mini mirror are so cute! Really like the print of the mirror (and would be easy to find in a bag haha) The crafting kit is super creative too! Sounds like she really put a lot of thought into your gifts :)!


    1. Yes I think so too, I'm really happy with the gift that I received :3

  3. I love decorative tape, and that ring is gorgeous! What a lovely idea! :)
    amyalaska | Beauty & Lifestyle blog

    1. t's a great idea and great fun! I'd encourage any bloggers to do it :)