Baking for Halloween

It's great when there's a festivity where you can bake themed food. This month, October, Halloween is one of the main events. I baked Chocolate brownies with 'RIP' tombstones and Chocolate chip cookie, marshmallow mouths.

This is a very crafty bake, ready to shock the socks off your trick-or-treaters. You need precision and patience for these but the end result is (mmm) delicious. It's all edible, don't be scared by the black.

  • I baked a chocolate cake in a shallow rectangular tin (25cm-20cm) using regular ingredients and measurements. Once it was baked it was left to cool for a long while.
  •  I made coco butter cream with the juice of one large orange; I also left that to settle, it helped bring out the orange and give the chocolate a darker colour.
  •  The tombstones are just plain biscuits that were baked for 12 minute and left to cool. I baked 10. 
  • The butter cream was put onto the cake and placed in the fridge to set a little.
  • After the biscuits cooled I made black icing and piped RIP onto them using a piping bag and a '2' nozzle.
  • I carefully dusted black icing powder onto the stones to give them a worn look.
  • Then I cut the cake into 10 pieces and propped up the tombstones using extra butter cream and cocktail sticks. The cocktail sticks can be removed after about 1/2 and hour or so.

 These were a lot easier to make and very funny. You can choose to add anything to these. Instead of marshmallows, you can use 'teeth' from a packet of 'lips & teeth'.
  • I made an extra batch of the tombstone biscuit recipe and added chocolate chips to them, they went into the oven for 20 minutes, I baked 18, 9 pairs.
  • Then left them to cool after they were baked.
  • I made a red icing and piped it onto the same side of each pair.
  • Afterwards, I placed medium white marshmallows onto the red icing, making them all odd.
  • Then, with patience, I fitted them together so that the teeth were in the gum of the other biscuit.


  1. These look so awesome! I bet they were yummy too!