Review: BaByliss Wave Envy.

BaByliss Wave Envy

These are my BaByliss wavers that I've had for over a year. They were £45.00 from Boots, and they've been so worth their money. When I use my wavers I tend to get a result that's very big hair. So I tend to wave my hair later in the day then sleep on it, I then have a more natural look the next day.

Like this:

It does take me (with very long hair) about half an hour, or more, to complete my whole hair because it has to be sectioned 3/4 times. I would recommend these to any one who wants to add a little bit more to their hair than the normal, everyday straightening. The only things I don't like about these are the weight and the fact that, unlike most straighteners, there isn't an alert sound to tell you that they're ready and at full temperature. Otherwise these are so great and lately becoming so popular.

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