As many of you know, I'm currently on a gap year and will soon be heading to University for 3 years so, for the foreseeable future, I'm skint. This means that all of my pennies will be put forth to living, breathing, surviving, and staying mentally stable. While I have realised that my luxury in my student digs can be keeping it clean (which doesn't cost much) and having my pride, there are a few things always floating on my mind that make me think 'If I came into good luck, or when I reach the other side of this student-life, I would love to treat myself to....'. I do believe that, while self-care truly does cost nothing, it is okay to treat yourself sometimes (as long as you're grateful) and, even that can lift your spirits. Here's the list of items that I would love to own in my lifetime:

1. Having recently discovered what I would consider as one of the most luxury brands on the market, I am now seriously lusting over Clive Christian, especially their Luxury Perfume Gift Set. I mean, just check out how adorable those little bottles are. This gift set consists of 5 x 10ml bottles of their feminine fragrances which spans pretty much the whole spectrum of fragrance, from Woody, Floral, Green, and Fruity. I would love to own these adorable little bottles and discover which fragrance I love the most and, most importantly, be able to wear whichever scent I'm 'feeling' that day. I think these kinds of gift sets are an experience that can last for a long time.

2. Since I received a sample of this and fell completely head over heels for this skincare product, I have been yearning to own the Clinique Moisture Surge. There aren't very many skincare products on the market that are fit for moisturising my very dry skin, in fact, I could probably count them on one hand. It may come to no surprise that, the products that do work, aren't super duper cheap. The Moisture surge worked wonders for me and, when the 'financially stable dream' comes along, I would love to treat not only myself but my skin, to the 24hr protection that it provides.

3. The Anthropologie throw comes with a small disclaimer: I love pretty much everything in Anthropologie, so this is one of many luxury Anthrop' products that I dream of owning. As my interior inspiration juices are currently flowing thick and fast, I am constantly discovering items that I desire to have in my home but, as a student, will continue to be lusting over for a long time. Products like this Icelandic Throw just look incredibly comfy and are the kind of pieces that I really believe make a house a home. At £88, I certainly would look after this throw.

4. It's a little running joke in my family that, whenever the topic of marriage comes up, I always reference my 'wedding present' because, a while ago, it was mentioned that the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer would be my perfect wedding gift and, naturally, I never let that go. I also remember seeing the Zoella vlog where she bought a bunch of her friends a Kitchen Aid Mixer each - like woah. You probably already know that I love baking and, to me, having one of those mixers in your kitchen is like the cherry on top. Again, a gift of a lifetime.

5. I've always been the kind of girl that will happily settle with a Babyliss Hair Dryer and, as long as it's powerful and does the job, I don't really care for what brand it is. The Dyson Hair Dryer kind of changed the game for me a few years ago after it's release. For years now, I've walked passed the hairdryer in shops such as Currys and what not, and released a little sign. There's no doubt that this product looks eternally majestic and, given the reputation of Dyson as a brand and engineers, I kind of feel like it would just work - you know? Obviously, with its hefty price tag, it is the kind of item that I would love to own in the future and treat myself to one day.

What luxury products do you aspire to own?

*This post was sponsored by Clive Christian 


  1. I'd love a Kitchenaid. I don't bake as much as I used to but I was obsessed with them for a long time. Also, the Dyson hairdryer does seem cool.

    Steph x

    1. I just think they sound amazing and I would definitely bake every weekend if I had one :P x

  2. Ooh yes some gorgeous products! I don’t know what I dream of having really because it changes all the time but definitely a Chanel handbag! Xx

    1. There are so many bags that I would love - I adore the new Strathberry X InTheFrow bags :) x

  3. Love those products, so pretty! I feel as though my dream luxury item would be a Prada hand bag!

    1. Prada handbags are such a luxury - I see lots of bloggers with them and I get super jealous hahaha x

  4. I got the Dyson hairdryer for Christmas this year - and I hate to dampen the hype but it definitely isn't worth the hefty price tag. I've also got a Cloud 9 hairdryer (which is still pricy at around £100) but it is FAR FAR better than the Dyson alternative. Having lusted over it for more than a year, I was so sadly disappointed that it didn't live up to my high expectations!

    A Kitchen Aid mixer is definitely on my lust list though, they are just beautiful!!


    1. Yeah, I'm sure I'll be sticking around with my trusty Babyliss for a while :p x



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