The past few weeks, I've been enjoying some different things and have been eager to share them with you all for so long. Despite this being a very busy month because of working, driving, and spending down time with my family, I have found a few minutes to enjoy some new things and mix things up.

I'm going to do this month's favourite in a category style thingy-ma-jiggy. You know? Let's just do it.

On my Skin: Rose Water. Because I've heard so many great things about using pure, natural rose water on  your skin, this month I decided to give it a go. I apply the rose water using a cotton wool pad every morning and evening. Although it hasn't drastically changed my skin, I'm finding that it is working pretty well as a toner and making my skin lovely and soft.

On my Lips: November make-up can be summed up with two little words for me: lip-tint. Despite having my mini Benefit Lip Tint for a while now, it was never something that I used too often. Now, with being in a job where I like to look good and need a lipstick to last as long as possible, the Benefit Lip Tints are my absolute best friends. They last really well, have lovely pigment and don't stain your lips too harshly.

On my Body: When my family booked a holiday for next year, I really wanted to make it my mission to be confident within myself when I'm floating about the beach in a bikini, for me this meant that I wanted to lessen the appearance of stretch marks and uneven skin around my hips (and butt). My mum had always used Bio Oil for this kind of thing so I decided to give it a go. I thought it was going to be too greasy but, actually, I'm coping with that just fine. Obviously, as I've only been using it for around 3 weeks, I am yet to see any difference but, if you'd like an update next summer on how it went, just let me know!

On a Saturday Night: The log fire got back in action this month as the nights got colder. On a weekend, we all love to gather around together and cosy up in front of the real log fire. The smell, the warmth, the flicker, and the relaxing motion is absolutely heavenly - I could definitely swap summer nights for this any day. I've tried and failed lighting it myself but it's my Dad that gets it roaring... I'm sure I'll learn in good time.

Wearing: I recently bought an oversized hoodie from Primark and it has me feeling soooo comfy. I bought it oversized so that it could be warm, cosy, but also something that wouldn't look too crazy if I left the house (like my dressing gown, for example). The one that I got is a dark grey colour and has USA written right across it. It's not the sort of thing that I would usually pick out because, I'm not really a fan of meaningless slogans, but when an item of clothing can provide me with that level of comfort, the girl gotta get it.

Listening to: I am not the kind of person to listen to music 24/7, in fact, I work better in silence or with the TV on. However, car journeys in November have included listening to Paloma Faiths new songs, especially 'Cry Baby'. As well as this, I thought it was only necessary to dip my toe into a bit of Christmas music. I don't think there's one Christmas song that I can say I love, I pretty music rock out to any of them. I think, if I had to choose any, it would be the classics like 'All I want for Christmas is You' and 'Merry Christmas Everyone'.

What have you been enjoying this past month?


  1. Primark hoodies are so comfy it's unreal! They're so soft xx

    1. Exactly!! The lining is super soft even after it’s been washed - I love it 😍 x

  2. We have an electric/gel/I don't know but not log fireplace, and we were so excited to finally lit it only to discover it's broken. Such a let down! So I'm basically very very jealous of your Saturday nights as it is the nights I want but can't have... *deep sigh* ;)

    Also I loooove Paloma Faith and Cry Baby certainly is a tune that sticks in your head!



    1. OMG that is devestating!! I hope it turns out okay x



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