There's one word in the English Language which has belittled, dismissed, discredited, and doomed me for years. From jobs to hobbies, this word has affected how I have been treated and I think it's about time we changed our perspectives. This word is STUDENT.

For 7 years, I sat at desks, hastily jotting things down and being graded on my abilities - yes, you're managerial job may be more demanding, but that doesn't make learning any less challenging or hard. So why is okay to dismiss someone as 'just a student'?

In terms of bloggers, some of the best bloggers are, or started out as, students, so it's not to say that students are unsuccessful bloggers. But, take myself for example; a lot of students struggle to maintain blogs and revision because, whether you want to believe it or not, revision is consuming. So, I put my blog on hold while I revise for exams, lose a bunch of followers, go to Uni which means that I now have 3 or 4 more years of being a student, graduate, adult life catches up and, before I know it, I'm a 55 year old women that is no longer in the 'age range' for blogging. 

Students, or even young bloggers, aren't given a chance. Why? We're young. We still go to bed at night and suck our thumbs googling at the mobile spinning above us. NO! It has been discussed multiple times by experts that young people are becoming amongst the most head-set and topical people because, instead of of sucking our thumbs in bed, we lay scrolling through social media - social media being the worlds biggest and most instant news source as well as the home to the most manipulated news stories.

But, ultimately, we all go through hard times. I get that. Everyone, every age gets dismissed for their appearance, their gender, their sexuality. The world is cruel. Unfortunately, students get that mixed with a concoction of hormones. So please, next time you're looking through CV's, chose a young person. Or, next time you're looking for a blogger to send something for PR purposes, chose a young person. Or even next time you're commenting on a blog, chose a young person. Give us a chance. We're ready and waiting, we just aren't being given the breaks that we need.

I'm aware of the competitiveness around the world, but believe me, if you comment on a young person's blog, it probably won't make them the next Zoella, but it will make them feel worth it.

What's your opinion on this?

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