This year I have decided to give 'monthly goals' a go. At the start of January, I wrote down a list of goals - let's see how it went.

1) Eat at least one piece of fruit every day

I went through a period of time over Christmas where fruit was almost completely out from my diet so this year, I've decided to make more of an effort to eat fruit (and veg) more frequently in order to feel healthier. I have to say that, with the contribution of mum's weekly soup batches and a fridge stocked with berries (as well as being strict on the 'No more Drive-thru'), it's going very well.

2) Start reading a book

I've started one. There's no doubt that life is a bit hectic lately, so I haven't been getting into my book as much as I wish but, what I've read so far, is really exciting. I bought the kindle edition of 'The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck' as a way of easing my way back into books, so that I can get through some of my bookshelf across the year.

3) Post two blog posts

This post marks my second blog post of the year (and, although it's going up on Feb 1st, I'm classing it as January), which might seem like nothing to those bloggers that do daily blogging, but I am actually pretty proud of my self for getting a mere two up. I don't feel obliged or pressured to post but, whilst finding the motivation to blog isn't always easy, I am aware that every time I press publish I can feel really content and happy.

4) Start selling books

I had some books on my shelf that I knew wouldn't get read, I had two of, or had been read and wouldn't be looked at again. The pile of books that I planned to get rid of had been sitting in my room for a while so I aimed to get them sold/given away by the end of Jan. This past month, I managed to sell a great handful of books and give away a few too. On the whole: achieved!

5) Keep up with creating revision timetables

I decided to get uber organised this mock exam season by trying out revision timetables. I remember attempting to do these last year but, after procrastinating my days away, they failed. This time around, THEY WERE A GREAT SUCCESS!! I kept up with them and I really benefitted from them. What I think made it easier this time was not giving myself ridiculous amounts of work and being reasonable. Overall, the exams went well too.

6) Have a clutter-free floor in my bedroom
After Christmas, my bedroom floor was a bit hectic. Something that was a big job and consistently on my To-Do List was to have a clutter-free bedroom. It's never terrible, in fact my friends think I'm relatively tidy, but there's sometimes nothing better than perfectly spacious and shiny floors.

7) Have a no spend week

I don't know if I can safely say that I went a full week without spending a penny because I'm not sure if that would be possible for me at the moment. However, I have definitely noticed that I'm feeling more money conscious and I'm even starting to dip my toe into budgeting. I'll see if I can keep up with it over the next few months.

What goals did you achieve this month?

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