Back in December I was invited to the London launch party of Serozinc by the lovely team at La Roche Posay. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it but I kindly received a bottle of Serozinc to try out. I only received it in May and I've been trying out since. 

This very unique product is a toner mist for tackling acne or breakouts. It is so lightweight and refreshing which can really benefit for those days where spots could make you feel yucky. You can either spray it onto your face or use a cotton pad to rub it across your face. I mainly use a cotton pad because I don't find it as easy to cover my eyes when spraying it. Although cutting out the middle-man would be so much easier (and cheaper), it also ensures a faster soak-in time, meaning I can moisturise straight after. 

I don't have particularly oily skin but I do have patches in the common areas, such as my T-Zone and hairline, so I focus more on those. Where I apply this, there seems to be a more matte effect and my skin will look less shiny. 

I am lucky as I do not currently suffer with acne so finding the ultimate result from this product is difficult. I have been using this once per day - or every other day - and I haven't recently broke out in any spots. So, maybe I am more of preventing them with this, rather than trying to stop any existing ones. 

It is around £8.50 in most shops which is great; Boots also usually do offers across La Roche Posay products anyway. I think the price is worth it for the product. Although, all together it is not as fitting and helpful to my skin type, it definitely has potential to prevent breakouts and do it's job on other people. I don't think I would re-purchase, for that reason.

I would still rate Effaclar Duo [+] better for tackling spots - and it's smaller tube is easier to carry around places. But, for tackling the oily source and being fresh and 'summer-ready', this seems to work fluently. 

It is definitely a product worth trying.
Thank you, La Roche Posay, for this opportunity.



  1. I really love this too, it's definitely helped improve my skin!

  2. I really need to try out this skincare brand, the packaging always seems to confuse me and I never know what the product actually does but I totally need to try out this brand nonetheless!


    1. I love this brand, they are perfect for my skin! I agree with the packaging problem, it's especially bad on this product. I find it helpful to do my research before buying their products so I can decided which item is right for me :)

      Alice x



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