The Craziest Named Fish

I love baby animals. From kittens to fish.

I recently bought some new baby fish as a new edition to our garden pond!

Our pond is around 7ft wide and 4-5ft deep (max) and I've grown up with it having a variety of fish. We have Orfe, Sturgeon, Kio, Comets and more, they are all pretty huge. The pond is great to look at and such a feature in the garden. 

As well as seeing the pond's fish grow and change, I've also experienced disappearing fish. We've had thieving herons and foxes, fish jumping out, natural deaths and sometimes the fish just banish. After we lost two fish in 2013, and a few others in the previous years, my dad decided that we should get some newbies. We got two tiny Koi, a white and blue spotted one (called Marble) and a gold one (called Maison). Unfortunately, during the winter, Marble played the disappearing act and didn't return. I was really disappointed because it was a really pretty fish.

So, after that, we decided to get another batch this summer with the hopes that the prettier fish would survive. So, we went to my local Koi shop and I got to pick out my favourite ones. 

I got 4 and it was only necessary that I gave them interesting names.

We have:

- Sage AKA Robin. Gifted with 2 names because I couldn't decided. This fish is a khaki grey colour with a red belly. So it's obvious where the names came from. It is shown to the far right of the first picture. 

- Chip. This fish is all white with a little spot of yellow on it's head. I called it chip because of the yellow and the dish 'fish & chips'.

- Fiskur. I have an obsession with a dream to go to Iceland and the Icelandic term for fish is 'Fiskur'. This really suited the fish because it has little whiskers (whisker rhymes with Fiskur, duh) and is very unusual. Its colours are white/blue and black - similar to Marble. 

-Kahn. This is a tiger Koi and looks super gorgeous! I called it Kahn because of the Jungle Book Tiger: Sheer Kahn. 

I love all the fish and I can't wait to watch then grow
 and see how their markings develop. (Red goes, Black shows).

So, there's my nerdiest post. 
I hope you enjoyed it!!

What do you think of the names I chose?


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