Long Hair: The Pros and Cons

Long hair is something I've lived with all my life and, although I hate it some days, it is something I like to take for granted. Aside that, the arguments equalise so, if you're thinking of growing your hair, here are the pros and cons you should weigh up.


Easily Styled 
Putting your hair up is one swift dance. A bobble is on my wrist at all times, even if I have my hair in a pony tail, just in case I feel like twisting it into a bun. I straighten my hair a lot and if you get comfortable with your straighteners and hair it can be an activity that takes a few minutes.

Open To Creativity 
The world is your oyster when it comes to long hair. From plaits, plonys, buns, straight, curled, waves, ponytail and much more. Also, accessories such as scrunchies and headbands can also be added for extra touches. It is like a blank canvas that you can design. 

Having long hair, just like short hair, is fun. It's fun to create and use. For example, the good old hair moustache and silly milkmaid braid is a classic party trick.

Something To Play With 
Twiddling and twirling may be a thing of nervous situations but it's better than nothing. During times of ultimate boredom I turn to my hair for a source of entertainment (after I stopped biting my nails about 4 years ago, hair was the my next fiddle go-to). For example, I will create a temporary plait.


Icky and ugh - long hair can be a pain in most weathers. Wind has it blowing everywhere, frost has it dried out and rain has it frizzy, yet there is nothing worse than heat having it stuck to your head. Tying it up in these time is mandatory.

Split Ends
Split ends are the bane of my life because no matter how many times I get it cut they always come back to haunt me. Long hair is very prone to damage so split ends are inevitable.

Harder To Wash
Washing long hair can be like washing a flock of sheep and sometimes needs doing as often as the sun rise. I would say that it is worse depending on the thickness of your hair because I reasonably go through 1 bottle of shampoo every 3 months.

Pwor! The killer that is hair-ache is the worst. Whenever I have my hair up I live in constant fear of developing hair-ache during the day and it can get as bad as effecting my vision. However, there's nothing more relieving than letting your hair down after a tough day of aching cuticles.

What are your thoughts on long hair?



  1. Hey I tagged you in the shopaholic tag!
    It's over on my blog now, itsrachelmay.blogspot.co.uk x

  2. I've been wanting to grow my hair for the longest time ever and it has been stucked above my chest for the last year or so... I that having long hair at least once in a lifetime can be such a cool thing but mine doesn't seem to grow :(

    xx Cecil // www.wednesday19th.blogspot.com

    1. There's all sorts of treatments that you could use and if you find that doesn't work then I'd say an important thing is to make sure you keep it healthy and cut more often :) I've been growing my hair all my life!

  3. I swear I've gotten the hair straightening gig down to five minutes! Record timing if you ask me ;) I do love my long hair and I don't think I would ever have the heart to cut it short!

    1. I'm the same, straightening my hair isn't really difficult now that I've been doing it for so many years :)



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