The Body Shop: Glazed Apple Collection

The Body Shop know me so well. I fall head over heels for apple scented things and this year their Christmas scent graced my Christmas gifts. 

The metal ball of treats consisted of 5 items and my mum added one herself. 
A Bath Scrunchie
Body Polish
Shower Gel
Shimmer lotion
Body Butter
+ Eau De Toilette

The Bath Scrunchie isn't something I usually use - I much prefer sponges. I find that they can be quite sharp and rough however this one this softer than I expected and moves a lot easily. The size is fairly small like the size of a tennis ball and has a cute, little fabric 'The Body Shop' loop tag. I think I should give it a bit more use.

Next, the Body Polish is a thick shower gel with tiny little beads/grit for a polished result. I find this too rough on my skin even though the texture is quite fine. I would use this before tanning because I feel like it is a great exfoliant (with a fantastic smell) but it's definitely not for me to use too often.

One of my favourites is the standard Shower Gel. This is 60ml of pure heaven and I dread the day it runs out. The shower gel, just like other Body Shop shower gels, is a fairly average viscosity but jam-packed with fragrance. I love how this smells the whole bathroom out and lingers on my skin for a few hours after.

The Shimmer Lotion excites me a lot. As the name suggests, it has very minuscule pieces glitter in it and one tiny (tiny) blob of this lotion can leave you so sparkly. The sparkle is my biggest love for it because any excuse to be covered in glitter is worth it. Obviously, it still carries the intense smell of glazed apple which just tops it all off. The lotion isn't watery or thick, it's the perfect consistency and soaks in very fast.

As I glide the aisles of The Body Shop I usually steer clear of the body butters because their consistency is too thick and greasy for me however I have rediscovered the Body Butter's in a new light. My opinions have completely twisted around and when I tried this out I noticed the butter was a lot softer and soaked in a lot quicker. The apple smell also had me sniffing my legs for a while after too. I think I have re-kindled my love. 

Lastly, my mum added in the Eau De Toilette which sure pleased me. Even though this is a winter smell, this will be a great fresh spritz for the summer time and I have found that this stays on my skin all day. The bottle is pretty small at 30ml but the length of time that I can smell it compensates. 

I wish this fragrance was around forever 
but thats just another reason to get
excited for Christmas again.... (too early?)

What's your favourite Body Shop scent?



  1. This collection looks really nice! I love the smell of apples, I go crazy for apple pie :)

    NEW POST Jennos Health.

    1. OMG same, hhmmmmm I could have some right now :P

      Alice x



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